Anyone else playing it?

Looks amazing so far, but like most games on relase days.. multiplayer seems very bugged


  • Will play it!
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    I am a fan of SimCity but was turned off when I read about the free-to-play business model.


    I originally researched SimCity about two months ago when they were proposing this terrible microtransaction system as their business model. After posting this, I visited their website and see that they came to their senses and just sold the game for a static price. In light of this news, yes, I will likely be playing it soon.


  • Always on DRM. newp.

    Problem with a lot of these games (and blizzard games) is that when I go on deployments, they don't let me play my game without having to go through some kind of lengthy patching process to let me play my game without an internet connection. I guess these games might have an appeal for people who have the ability to stick in one place, but they will never work for travelers.
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  • Yeah my friend bought it and has been having one nightmare after the other with the DRM/Servers. Maybe if they fix it, the game itself looks really fun.

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    Read there were a bunch of issues with this, mainly because even playing solo requires you to sync online or something, and the servers couldn't handle it.

  • Kresslack said:
    Read there were a bunch of issues with this, mainly because even playing solo requires you to sync online or something, and the servers couldn't handle it.
    Yeah.. I got it since the relase and I've been having a LOT of issues playing online, so far I can only play singleplayer but they said they are working 24/7 to fix this.. I really hope they do! 

  • It's run through Origin, that automatically makes it more trouble than it's worth.

    And that online DRM is crap for singleplayer games you wanna play offline

  • They can't keep using DRM methods like that if people just stop paying for those games. I make it a personal point to avoid games like this regardless of how "good" people think it is, there are enough good games in this world that I don't have to put up with such crap.
  • I've been too sick and busy to read up on it. Is it anything like the ORIGINAL SimCity? If not I don't want to play it.


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    -finally- I managed to play online, and is amazing so far! You can share services with neighboor cities, lets say Kard was supplying me electricity and I was sending my residents to work to his city.

    @Siena original Simcity? I used to play one back in.. damn like 88s +/-? in a monochromatic computer, you mean that one?

    well.. same concept, way more complicated and better, great graphics, so far I love it. 

    you can check it here:

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    @goggo well I played SimCity 2000 and I really liked reeking havoc on the cities by doing a lot of disasters. Riots, plane crashes, alien invasions, you name it.

    EDIT: ooooh Godzilla? I might be interested now.


  • 3000 is my favourite. Just love the feel if it. The style, the atmosphere, the music.

    Been playing CitiesXL recently and it is a LOT of fun.

    I do not buy any always online games as a rule, thanks. When my connection is too crappy for multiplayer, I actually want to play single player.

  • Man that would make such a fun race track!

  • I bought it and like it lots but there are are a few problem I found, mainly how traffic works, when you have a large city traffic can get clogged >.> i have had a building burn down because my firefighters wait patiently for pedestrians to cross streets, or that my factories are closing down because they need more residentials but my map is full since the residential is high capacity/density, oh no more terraformer like in Simcity 4 so you play the same map the whole time :(
    But that aside very pretty to look at and lots of new fun features, my favorite so far was my city having a zombie outbreak :P The online only DRM is upsetting and do not like Origin, but Tropico 4 is another alternative and that is a lot cheaper and can be fun 
  • I'm going to get it today after work, any updates on the online bugs or anything?
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    I want. No monies.
  • I'm in the camp that got steered towards Tropico instead - immensely fun game with a campaign and a personality. 
  • I haven't played much lately because I'm moving to an ew house, but it seems they fixed most of the bugs, and they even gave us a free origin game for the issues of the last two weeks (I got Battlefields 3, but haven't installed it.. nor really interested in it atm).

  • I've built 3 cities so far. Don't see a reason to build any more, or to play the game more.......

    Figured out how to make some money, tried a few ways to structure the cities, not more to try and you can't expand your city forever so it gets kinda boring.
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