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Starting RP

DrerDrer Member Posts: 1
I've only just started playing and was wondering where I might get started with RP in Achaea,
I love the level of depth in the world and I'd love to know if  you have any tips on how or where to get started?


  • MannimarMannimar Member Posts: 990 @ - Epic Achaean
    Hrm... there are a lot of places you can find to roleplay. I find Mhaldor to have some of the most interesting roleplay opportunities, but thats a difficult one to stick with as a beginner in Achaea.

    I believe that many of the niche Houses have some of the best roleplay out there, but there is a lot of turmoil going on in the Achaea political world and this is allowing a lot of rebuilding of several organizations out there. I'm finding that I'm getting pulled into a lot more serious roleplay situations, and I'm quite enjoying it.

    Really you can find roleplay in every organization, but it's all about how  you approach it and what you want in your experience. You'll find a lot of trash and horrible RPers out there, but with a little dedication you'll find the gems that you're looking for. Also, depending on how you carry your character, you may find a person or two will take you under their wing and help you get your feet wet in whatever it is you are seeking.
  • TrevizeTrevize Member Posts: 1,517 @ - Epic Achaean
    Delphinus said:
    Broadly -- and this is something of a mantra -- you needn't set out to "have an RP," as the misconception goes. Whenever you're in Achaea, you're in character. Set the right tone, show that you're interested, and people will stick.

    I've found more RP since my return just wandering around and striking up conversation, or paying attention to what others do and responding, than I did before I left when looking!
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  • JettJett Member Posts: 2
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    Agree with the two above posters, @Delphinus and @Trevize.

    RP in Achaea is very much based around how you view your character as a person.  How you want to come off to others and how you want to present yourself should be the first link in the RP chain you'll create in the game.

    From the Paladin to the Serpent, all classes have different RP styles that are "the norm."  However, none of these cookie-cutter scenarios are things you must do when developing the character you wish to play.

    I like to model my character after a more polite, nicer version of myself. In RL I'm very cynical and at times obnoxious, so it's nice to come into a world where I don't really have to worry what others will think about how I act, while still feeling like I feed into others' RP as well.  As with everything in Achaea, the sky is definitely the limit, and you're open to any range of decisions to be made.

  • KyorkchaKyorkcha Member Posts: 10
    In a quick word, when ever you bump into someone that isn't blitzing by at 9001 rooms per minute just point out something about them.
    On a more detailed note, say if someone killed the Pixie queen in Minia. Either applaud them and grin devishly for their display if evil or spit on them, hunt down and kill the imp lord, and hand the perpetrator their employers corpse as a warning.
    Or if you like less aggressive interactions,
    Just L at their character, skim it for anything odd and act appropriately as your character would. If they have a legitimate third eye and not just the tattoo, react disgusted or intrigued and say something of it.

    Keep in mind you don't have to cliche and normal. I have a friend who's a bloodthirsty paladin who cares more for the combat advantage of chivalry, and uses devotion selfishly. It makes his mentors job more entertaining, since he's a runewarden and can't teach him devotion, but still has to deal with my friends lust for combat.
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