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  • When I do "zgui", "close all", and "zstyle golddouble" it seems all windows come back. Anyone else have this?

  • Hello. I have noticed a weird behavior. When I go into CONFIG, it respects my pagelength. However, when I use HELP, it ignores my pagelength and gives me the entire help file without me using MORE. What causes this behavior? When I uninstall this package, the problem resolves.

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    Thanks for this! Works great!
  • @Zulah This is awesome and thanks for putting this together! The lock affliction window is really cool and being able to rearrange with drag and drop and resize is amazing compared to hand adjust values for previous GUI's and constantly changing numbers small increments just to get a single layout right.

    If/when you push out new/updated code, I noticed when adjusting some of the font sizes around not being able to adjust the player room size from changing the value in the 'EDIT ME: Startup Main' script. For player room font size display, it has the variable zgui.roomPlayersSize, and I took a look at the script handling players in room, and it looks like it's currently using zgui.roomplayersSize for the font value. I never realized variables were caps sensitive as mine don't use caps, but it looked like changing them to match worked, so hope this helps anyone else and with any future updates you push out.

    I'm not sure if you have plans on implementing any suggested windows, but the one I'm currently putting together and trying to use your work as a template (thanks for commenting so well to follow!) is one from a previous GUI I used that displayed # of unread news, # unread messages, and gold on you (doesn't count what's in Aran'kesh nest- which is a nice tell if you forgot to put it away as the number here is much higher if nest is still in inventory). Those three use the values in gmcp.Char.Status.unread_news, gmcp.Char.Status.unread_msgs and for reference if you or anyone are interested in displaying that.

    @Big Papa Jomi not sure if you resolved the issue you were having a while back with multiple AFF echo's, but I was able to successfully comment out the two echo lines and it persist. Do you have some sort of syncing toggled on with the base package that reverts the code on loading and overwriting your changes? I think that's only with modules though. I added "--" to line 6 of zgui.AffPlus and line 10 of zgui.AffMinus which seemed to remove it and persist between sessions. Lines below are the ones I changed.
    cecho("<gray>[<coral> AFF  <gray>] <red> "..affliction.."\n")
    cecho("<gray>[<lime_green> AFF  <gray>] <lawn_green> "..lostAff:title().."\n")

    Thanks again for the awesome GUI and the work you put into it!
  • Ooops never mind about the gold, I see now how it works, wasn't displaying anything at first when added the window, just saying no count. 
  • For anyone who is having the slow loading issue (mostly people with SVOF and ZGUI, but it could affect anyone who loads a lot of modules), here is the fix:

    In the DarkTheme script, remove the 'sysInstall' event handler (leave sysLoadEvent).

    Fix was found by Siv and communicated on discord!

  • Thanks Cooper for that fix!
  • Direct thanks to Siv, I'm just the messenger.

  • FitzFitz Fire and Spice
    I seem to recall this used to gag communications in the main window and just put them in chat, but I can't figure out how to get it to do it. Any tips?

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