[Nexus] Help with Keneanung's Bashing.js Script

I made the switch from Mudlet to Nexus and I am ultimatly happy with the new client but there are somethings I really miss. One of those things is the denizen targeting / bashing script created by Keneanung. At one point there was a version of this ported to Nexus/Javascript (the location of the reflex package is https://github.com/AchaeaBashingScript/Bashing.js) and I have been trying to make this work with some difficulty. The script actually works to some extent right off the bat but is missing some key functionality that seems to be in the code but not working in practice:

- Trigger "keneanung.bashing.queueTrigger" is supposed to be enabled/disabled during attacking through built in functions startAttack() & stopAttack() to create a DOR type loop affect instead you only get one attack in
- Fleeing functions/warning echos do not work
- when saving config settings echos say "couldn't save settings" but it seems like they are being saved upon restart

A lot of work was put into this script and I think it is a must have for Nexus users. I have spent hours trying different name spacing (example -client.variable instead of var variable) among other things. At the end of the day i don't have enough knowledge or background in computer coding to get this script fully operational.

I have saved up about 20 credits that I can send to anyone willing to spend the time to get this script working just as well on Nexus as it does on Mudlet.


  • I will throw in another 20 credits for that if you'll fix it up and help troubleshoot! 
  • The JS version is actually missing some features as the Mudlet package moved on and I didn't have the time to port new things over. Now that I switched to the Mudlet team, time is even less available. But on the bright side, the official support and documentation for the Nexus client improved significantly since the port was made.

    I'm willing to help with what I can (opinions, mentoring through dev process, give people write access to the project, whatever), but I don't know if I can do active development at the moment. I'm happy that people have found this and like my port as well, so making it actually usable would be a great thing for me as well!
  • I've ported this over to Nexus. I had to move @Keneanung's hosted js file to my own github since rawgit is no longer going to be around. (Using jsdelivr for the CDN). It also gives a little more flexibility to update these scripts until @Keneanung gets some free time, It's definitely something I'm willing to put in time for. This isn't an exact copy of the mudlet script since there are a lot of class dependencies with svof/mudlet bashing, speaking Achaea (battlerage, etc) not classes as in object code,  There are a few other small things I want to polish up before releasing but I've fixed a few of the bugs.
  • Thanks @Pythagoras ! I am dry at the moment when it comes to credits, but I can throw in a reasonable offering of crafting commissions, hunting trips, enchantments, or other 'perks' to anyone who works on this, because it would be of huge assistance to me. (I have been using the tabbed targeting and have made a handful of really embarrassing mistakes with it, especially in conjunction with server-side queueing, when I'm sleepy and not paying close enough attention.)
  • This is ready for testing

    If possible, please send detailed reports or bashing logs when you run into issues or bugs. Py is young and doesn't have a lot of experience bashing in many areas so that will be a tremendous help to me.

    Known issues:
    • Need to add in a reflex for Voyria. (Even if you have curing on)

    You can download the package here:

  • Thank you Py! Sorry I am just now seeing this, I took a small break from Achaea. I am a man of my word and I have your 20 credits :grin: The Nexus community thanks you for your contributions!
  • Just found this package and am trying to use it but I am encountering a (possibly very simple) issue.

    While I try to start the script (using the button it creates on the buttons display) it'll fire off one attack and then stop. I'm not sure why this is and did some digging but was unsuccessful in fixing it myself.

     If it helps it seems like it disables the keneanung.bashing.queueTrigger. Moving through target list works fine but it's the attack only firing once before turning off and negating the usefulness of setting my attack against a shielded mob.

    I saw @Pythagoras fixed this issue and was wondering what was done so I could rectify it on my end as well?

  • This script makes having to switch between a macbook and a pc liveable, thank you @Pythagoras!

    Only thing is it doesn't seem to work with battlerage skills. Is that intentional, or am I missing something?
  • any chance for a readme on how to use this properly and what precisely it's meant to do? I had thought it to cycle targets based on the bashing priority list but it doesn't seem to do so...
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    I'm using this and I'm new to Mudlet - does anyone know how to have it automatically attack each time you move a room? 
  • :) You are treading on thin ice my friend... 
  • It is thin ice only if you have a script that will move you rooms as well. Attacking on entry is fine, but will annoy other players.

  • Thaisen said:
    :) You are treading on thin ice my friend... 
    Why? I have nerve damage and typing becomes painful after too long. I'm trying to build a system so I can play on my tablet and use a stylus to move. 
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    I move and initiate the first attack, and then let the triggers do the rest (on balance/eq, perform the hunting attack, and use battlerage when they shield - everything else is manual).  Not auto bashing, and saves typing.  But there's always just using the buffer typed-text to save you from typing too much..

    And I have nerve damage on my left hand and the first two digits are essentially frozen in place and largely unusable due to a bomb blast. Third digit is missing a fingertip, causing all kinds of typos between the three issues so.. yeah, still not an excuse to autobash my dude..

  • Don't let these people scare or shame you. Plenty of players hunt with scripts that first hit automatically. 
  • I echo Armali here, I auto bash (attack, strip shield, battlerage, next target). The only thing I do not automate is room movement.

    Don't let people put you off.
  • @Caelan I really don't understand what your injuries have to do with my own and I might be misunderstanding what you are saying. It seems like you're gatekeeping nerve damage and telling me that my issues (which you don't know the details of) aren't enough to warrant making my settings disability friendly. 

    Is it against the game rules to script to minimize typing, provided I am present at the screen? It isn't in other IRE games and I'm surprised it's viewed negativly here.
  • It is against the rules to autobash (fully automated hunting), which is what it kind of sounded like you were heading towards - using the script to hunt and modifying it to auto hit and move. My point was more, personal injuries aren't an excuse to break the rules of autobashing, to which I offered alternatives that are legal, as have others here who offered advice. It was more of a warning than anything from someone who also has issues with trying to reduce typing and has caught at least 5 people autobashing while not being anywhere near their screen.  But yeah..  whatever. You do you and take it personal that nerve damage doesn't make you special. Gatekeeping. FOH with that dumb shit.

  • >_>


    Well if anybody has a functional nexus kenunununu basher lemme know. Mine tracks shit I've killed previously, and that's all it does.
  • @Caelan I wasn't trying to be rude. I apologize that my tone didn't come across right.
  • Celadriel said:
     I'm surprised it's viewed negativly here.
    You probably shouldn't be. Achaea is IRE's flagship game, and is significantly more popular than the others. Of course automation is gonna be viewed negatively when it's been more of a detriment, than something that's helped, even those games.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • I'm confused as to how to set this so it tracks my class changes and adjusts the aliases accordingly. So when I'm in runie I want it to use my runie aliases for kill and battlerage, but when I'm in dragon or serpent, I want it to use those. Am I missing something? I can't figure out how to do this.

  • It doesn't do it natively except to default to the kill command.

    I've been handling this by manually setting the keneanungki serverside alias to my current attack combination for the class I'm using.

    What I'm trying to setup is something fancier - a nexus reflex alias that determines my class and sends the proper attack commands, and then setting the keneanungki alias to that. I haven't finished this solution yet though.

  • @Argwin That would be amaze! If you're sharing it, could you let me know when you do? Or post here? I'd really appreciate that!

  • Okay so my prios completely disappeared for every single area. oO I mean. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a way to get the old prios back or do I have to set this all up again? (And how do I stop it from happening again?)

  • Well, that was the push I needed to switch to mudlet. Goodbye, Nexus.

  • @Khaseem Mudlet is so much more frustrating than Nexus, and something borked, so everyone who's helping me has gone back to the drawing board. Ahhhh.

  • I know this is old now, but is there a way to add another command to the attack? For example, as a Runie I need to battlefury focus speed before I attack, instead of just slaughtering everything slowly. I've tried a few things but to no avail. Thanks!
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