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I recently started playing again and was reminiscing about old times. I posted this on the Achaea on Facebook group too, but I figured it might go better here.

I remember a zillion years ago, basically everyone in Shallam went to attend a Church sermon. This was the sort of thing that was more or less required attendance, so most people would just show up and AFK, which was an open secret. Anyway, someone (I'm pretty sure Jaizsur and friends) prismed in during this one and just slaughtered EVERYBODY. IC it was a horror but IRL it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. Shallam's entire army was basically all in the same room but no one worth their salt in combat was paying any attention and everyone just got wrecked. It was really funny watching people try to explain why they just stood there and let themselves die RP-wise too.

Does anyone else remember that? I cracked up tonight telling a friend about it. What's your favorite memorable event in Achaea, for either RP or OOC reasons?


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    As a novice I mistold (thanks to reply) something I meant to tell a friend to @Crixos instead and told him I hate him and followed it up immediately with explaining that it was a mistell and he replied something along the lines of "I hope it was" and I was dying inside.

    Then there was the time all of Mhaldor was headed to the Aran'kesh foray which was in some obscure northern location and poor @Mizik was trying to lead the motley crew (the rest of us) to @Proficy who had found the location and was waiting for us and we got so hopelessly lost. We were climbing every mountain, fjording every stream. XD

    Then there was the time I went 'Ooh, what does this do?' and pulled the root that leads to the underworld when I was with @Grimpylder, @Faerum, and @Drozi and ended up you know where. Grimpy followed me right in, followed by Faer and Drozi, and then ended up hoisting me to the exit where poor Drozi got tentacled by something and died, but the rest of us made it out. Ahhhh. How do I do these things?

  • You guys remember playing with @Mezghar ?

    That was cool. :(

  • @Mizik I was not clear what you meant, but I just found out in game and was completely surprised. @Mezghar our interactions were usually brief but they were always fun. Aina will miss him in her own way.

  • Yeah. I was really surprised and saddened. @Mezghar, you will be missed.

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    Yooooooooo make a different thread for mourning. Share happiness instead.


    Tenebrous Shores

    Achaea's premier spa and resort, located just a short walk south of Cyrene and sporting a light therapy tower.

    No Cyrenians.

    (@Gribbit @Minkai @Farrah @Mazus @Elyra @Mezghar )

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    I remember perhaps my first significant sea battle, was captaining a ship with a crew of Imyyr, Katalyst, Poergh, and I think one or two others against I believe Ellodin and his crew. We were essentially sailing around each other, making passes, firing on each other but no one really able to get the upper hand. Even managed to get close enough once for a boarding party to go over and I have no idea how that didn't end it. So we keep going at it, and eventually end up casting a bunch of whirlpool spells trying to trap each other. This was all before I had even reached Logosian, and I got so caught up in the moment that I didn't realize my character was getting tired. Ended up passing out at the helm, and I swear I saw Imyyr just roll his eyes and step over me to take over while I took a cat nap on deck in the middle of battle. Woke up refreshed, took back over, and after a while both ships decided that was enough and we went our separate ways.

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    I remember back before Ryssa was logosian, ~30 or so(?), and she and @Synthus were hunting in Creville. I think we just cleared the basement level, and were taking the lift to the higher floors. Didn't get off immediately cause were chatting, and the lift started to drop. It just kept going back down to where, I'm pretty sure our shared thought was: "Oh gods, what deAmoN is bringing us back to the basement??!!" Getting all hyped for a fight when it was to stop, and a fellow youngster just stepped in with a wave, saying, "I fell down the elevator shaft." shrug Just the picture in mind of a fully armoured Xoran and flighty bardy bird all tense thinking they're gonna die in that tiny lift, just for that youngster to step on. The image makes me laugh every time.

    Ah, and @Zachariel and the encounter with the lightning eagle. Fun times :) We both died.

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  • Ooh. You could fall down the elevator shaft in Creville? Hilarious!

    @Zachariel avenged my death to that damn eagle by killing it and veil delivering its corpse to me! That was in that painful period where I was chasing up to dragon and every death hurt extra hard. The damn thing was walking about on the ground. Bad birdy.

  • Idk if you actually can, never happened to me before but, that's what they said. I hope you really can

    N with the lightning eagle I can't remember what led up to it but he mentioned it then I was like "OOooh, I wanna see it!" Z: "We're gonna die." R: "WOoot, let's gooOo!" and yeah :D

  • There's a gate to prevent you from walking through until the lift is there. That gate can be opened..

  • Poergh is a name I had totally forgotten until I read it just now!

  • I have fond memories of when Cain was Mhaldorian, and though he was a slave, he'd basically ignore the chain of command and lead warring parties against Shallam. He'd constantly be calling for kai and we'd all just toss some his way so he could either storm in and die horribly or come out having murdered swathes of people. He was like this vicious hell hound leashed by rank and profile, but it would all come off when he was ready to murderhobo stuff. I keep thinking none of this stuff would really fly today, but he was so effective and hilarious he'd get away with so much.

    Around then there was this popular paint browser program circulating the internet, it was the flavor of the month on the old forums and I drew this lengthy cartoon about Cain demanding kai from Mhaldor to fight Shallam. I know it specifically mentioned Ellodin, and someone else in Shallam - whoever he was attached at the hip with, I can't recall. Something about Convocation constantly being an issue. Maybe it was Szanthax or something, because he was still trudging around. I miss the old forums a lot.

  • I remember that paint program! Oh man, that was really fun while it was a thing!

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