Knight artefact weapons

With the amazing new factional knight changes I was hoping we would finally see a change in artefact weapon prices. While Sword and Shield and Two hander can get a lot of milage out of a single artefact weapon, Dual Wield Cutting and Dual Wield Blunt require 2 artefact weapons to get the same effect. Isn't it time to level off the price gap between knight spec weapons?

P.S. Can we have a use for broadswords? SnB has no use for them and it makes me sad.


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    CHANGES NEWS #104                                         (11/03/2021 at 06:15)

    From  : The Achaean Coder Team

    To    : Everyone

    Subject: Knight Artfacts


    It is Wednesday, the 3rd of November, and the following changes have been implemented:

    With more impending Knight changes, we have decided, in the name of fairness, to go through with repricing of some of the weapon artifacts.

    A common complaint has been dual-cutting and dual-blunt requiring two weapons, compared to snb and two-hander only requiring one, so going forwards we're going to even out the prices. Effective tomorrow longswords, broadswords, bastard swords and warhammers will now cost double what they currently cost.

    -A Dawnrender bastard sword now costs 700 credits, up from 350.

    -A Soulreaver bastard sword now costs 1600 credits, up from 800.

    -A Dreadblade bastard sword now costs 3200 credits, up from 1600.

    All aforementioned weapons will now follow a similar pricing scheme, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

    Published by my decree on the 11th of Lupar, in the year 872 AF.

    I'd love if they went Imperian's route and made stuff like DSL only require 1 weapon similar to SnB combination. But that introduces too many balancing concerns with how knights currently are in Achaea. :(

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    @Morthif said:

    P.S. Can we have a use for broadswords? SnB has no use for them and it makes me sad.

    On one hand, I've made this exact request many times as it's the only knight weapon that has no use (despite Saonji's implication that warhammer and flails/morningstars, or battleaxes? have no use cases - they absolutely do have many - especially 2H warhammer).

    However I don't want Broad to have a use case purely so that it can have a use case. By design it's just a slower longsword that does more damage, and on a class like SnB there's really no good design use case for that as it's an aff class. Only way I could think is if you did something like 2H where the alternate weapon type is mechanically different, although it's a lot easier with a blunt weapon than it is with broadsword. At the very least from a business POV (starkly opposed to a player POV) it'd make sense to make it good for PVE, which it also is not - so at least there was a reason for both to exist (and be purchased).

  • You can buy an artie shortsword if you're so inclined to do so. It's basically useless but you can.

    The game has long allowed trap choices, like when knights could pick something other than rapiers if they wanted to be intentionally bad.

    The bigger problem is that weapon-based classes simply don't work without an artie weapon or two, but that's the nature of the game.

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    Don't appreciate you spreading lies about me, champ. I've literally never said any of those three are useless and, in fact, have advocated for the use of both warhammers and flails if you want to actually optimise the spec. Battleaxes were also made useful with undercut, since it can't miss.

    I have said that neither warhammers / flails are NEEDED (because they aren't) but I have not once said they're useless. Thanks.

    Also, in Imperian (why does this game have so many QoL things jfc) broadswords specifically increase damage vs denizens, yet they're still thrown to the wayside in Achaea years after the knight rework. Sadge.

    no u

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  • well this went downhill fast. Great discussion all.

  • I'll contribute, even though I'm sure most of the trolls agree as well: I did the whole alt thing for a few days when new/changed knights came out and I felt shoehorned into SnB because of my unwillingness to invest so much into dwc just to be viable. The offensive pricing disparity is noticeably prohibitive and could use some adjustments, in my opinion.

    Pricing has remained static on these for years, and seems unfair when compared to 2h and SnB. That said, I understand the lack of changes could easily be a top down decision that our admin don't have much control over.

  • @Morthif all we can do is give people the tools to succeed. What they do with that is beyond our control

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    I think it's high time for morphing weapons to be more accessible. It's one of the things I despise about auction arties - once you sell something for 10,000cr it's kindof defacto not allowed to be sold to anyone at "normal" prices.

    It still doesn't change the fact that some knights would still need* 5+ weapons but it would surely help.

    * "Need" meaning: to optimally play their class, which up until Saonji's post I assumed was implied as nobody "needs" any artefacts at all

  • Agreed. Not a justifiable inconsistency.

  • Weapon-based classes used to do great without artefacts. I saw to that! And then they changed forging to standardized stats and a cookie-cutter descriptor list and life was no longer worth living.

  • Sadly forging is pretty much useless now. Tanks and talons are the only thing worth forging.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Just go into business of writing custom weapon descriptions instead. Trey’s weapon designs 35cr, named blades cost double and come with a free session of open mocking and a link to a scene from Game of Thrones.

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    Pretty large swathes of the econ system seem to be in shambles. At this point it seems the majority of crafting is done purely for your own entertainment (designing) or done essentially for free to keep the game functioning (sigils, minerals, etc).

    Personally I'd love to get into some trade stuff but for most stuff you literally lose more on the trade artie and/or shop than you'd make in RL years of crafting. The idea of paying $100 of RL cash so that I can farm 0 cents worth of credits an hour is pretty insane to me.

    Am I crazy or shouldn't crafting /harvesting etc pay out MORE than bashing considering you have to pay into it in the first place, and also considering you're not getting either experience or fun out of it.

  • I've actually got quite a few forged artefacts out there (no set pricing, I work on a "let's see how you like it" basis) to keep up the "Phaestus taught Trey how to forge artefacts" canon but I always loved rolling the dice on materials to see if you could throw out another banger. The credits were nice, and the "fuck you" messages from people fighting against them were even better.

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    Would be neat if we could do forging on top of existing artefacts for a very small but still measurable difference. Knowing the Achaea pvp community (myself included) we'd totally pay 10 million gold for like 1% more damage or speed.

    I suppose there's still a (very small) market for doing people's customisation text for them as a service but that's kinda OOC and also tough to price.

  • Weapon matainence? Pay x gold for some little buff that wears down ever rl month?

  • I really love the idea of weaponsmiths being able to bridge between forged weapons and artie weapons with a temporary sharpening or tempering buff that they could apply. Maybe get l1 or l2 stats depending on cost, but have a chance of expiring every time a weapon is used.

    I don't think it would need to be something that has an extremely high material cost, either. People buy prismatic ring or permanent tattoos to save on enchantment or tattoo upkeep (or more importantly having to worry about running out of tattoo charges mid-fight), even though the upkeep costs for either of them are particularly high.

    A system like that would make gearing up for pvp more accessible for the unartied, while still giving a clear incentive for upgrading. It might even foster more knight weapon artefact sales - I know I'd be more interested in branching out to other specs if I could get a feel for them at artied speeds without making the upfront investment.

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