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I put 'fails' with quote marks because I'm not convinced that there is ever really a true fail in RP, just branches you didn't expect to go down.

Nonetheless, I'd love to hear about some RP incidents that didn't go the way you were expecting, or perhaps didn't have the outcome you wanted or anticipated because of unforeseen and/or accidental errors. It's somewhat of a broad interpretation, but really you can just post whatever you think fits in this category.

There's often a lot of pressure to 'get things right' in RP. I made this thread to share 'oops' moments and to make people feel better about an occasional slip up (trust me, it happens to the best of us and sometimes it can even lead to funnier moments!). However, I don't want this thread to turn out to be a rant about how other people RP or how admin do storylines, because that's personal interpretation. This should be stuff that was clearly unintended and that you find funny enough to share.

Post away!

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    I'll start. This one isn't a major fail, but there was definitely a mechanical 'oops' moment that made the whole thing more adrenaline-inducing than it probably needed to be 😄

    A long time ago, when Jurixe was probably not long out of novicehood, there was an event where people were invited to an unveiling of ancient treasures. A few of the Naga went along and sat watching in phase, just in case.

    I was sitting there for about 15 minutes, a little bored, until suddenly I got an emote that my eyes were drawn to a particular object on a denizen. I took that to mean I should try to pickpocket them (because how else would you get it off?) and I left, unphased, came back in and tried to pickpocket.

    I think people have a chance to see a pickpocket attempt, so obviously a lot of people stared at me disapprovingly and were like 'really?' but surprisingly nobody attacked me. I was on tenterhooks while I waited that few agonising seconds for the pickpocket to complete, and I got... 50 gold.

    I tried pickpocketing again, pretty much with my heart in my throat (because people might ignore one attempt, but a second is a stretch), but once you've pickpocketed a denizen, they won't have anything else to pickpocket for a while. So I was really confused about what to do and just kind of wandered a few rooms away, puzzled, while everyone else essentially muttered uncomplimentary things about me. I think I even phased and said out loud 'what should I do next?' to tell Anyone watching that I was clueless haha.

    Then I got another emote that essentially said 'the item is in your possession' and some messages from the Naga who were unphased telling me 'they're coming after you, run!!' I took that to mean the denizen had 'discovered' and made a fuss about it and so I hightailed it back to Mhaldor 😆 It was in a place that required ferry access at the time, so I was very nervous the whole time - I was shaking so badly I could hardly type! But I made it and the rest is history.

    If you like my stories, you can find them here:
    Stories by Jurixe and Stories by Jurixe 2 

    Interested in joining a Discord about Achaean RP? Want to comment on RP topics or have RP questions? Check the Achaean RP Resource out here:

  • My best rp 'fail' so far would be the first time Gaia pulled me into her throneroom to talk about Nature. As I'm sitting there listening and asking question I suddenly disconnect. I frantically reconnected to see her staring blankly at me. After a moment she asked how much I had missed and we continued from there, but I feel bad thinking of her talking about Nature and sharing all this cool stuff only to find out that I wasn't even there.

  • Not as bad as me.

    Gaia summoned me for a BIG OL THING. I had tunnelvision on. With says turned off in it.

    She smiled at me. And I sat in awkward silence for about 11 minutes before I was stared at and I remembered.

    Then I turned off Tunnelvision's says off.

    It's only about as bad when it was raining one day on my last character, Frederich, and I DC'd. I came back because I felt something in my stomach turn. Check tells. "someone powerful says: "It is time.""

    Brain immediately goes "Oh shit oh shit oh shit" and then he exploded me and inducted me into the Caefir.

  • I forget when and who with, but there was a time where Draqoom was at some kind of big to do where multiple Gods were present. Draqoom is busy talking smack to someone about one of said Divine, and for a good while until they politely let him know that they can hear everything that's being said.

    Needless to say when I'm present with, or going to be present with Divine, Draq makes sure to let the people he thinks would say anything know about it so that doesn't happen again.


  • I think the funniest one I ever had was when the previous (maybe 2 previous now? I don't know) Babel gave me my cloak, he teleported me from the temple to the bog maze entrance and I thought he wanted me to get to the center of the maze, and he had to on the fly add a room emote to tell me to stop moving.

    Dunn tells you, "I hate you."
    (Party): You say, "Bad plan coming right up."
  • Back when Miramar was around, there was a nasty game of tricks played by Twilight. Twilight kidnapped Miramar and had the Eye of Proteus (or knew where it was, I forget which).

    I was 100% certain I had figured out the event and how to position the order & Shallam.

    There were some creatures that needed kill (eidolons) and some of them were innocents. I thought Twilight had played the innocents card against us, hoping/knowing that no one in Shallam would kill them.

    Well, being Mhaldorian and RP, I decided that I'd "take the hit" for Shallam and be the one to murder the innocents. I did it relentlessly for RL days. I was certain that I had turned the event from Twilight taking over the world with the Eye of Proteus to saving Miramar and ruining Twilight's plan in a way that would cause him to switch places with Miramar and be trapped forever.

    Nope, Twilight's plan was actually straightforward and not complicated at all, and he was not lying or trying to mislead us. I single handedly secured the Eye for him (I did manage to kill both of his Hounds though, which was a MASSIVE setback for him, until the next Twilight retconned it and said those weren't the "real" hounds, despite the previous Twilight confirming it was, I'm not bitter I promise), and nearly killed Miramar and Maya in the process.


  • Does this have to personally be mine?

    If not...

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • I'm definitely hoping it does have to be your own personal RP, otherwise we're gonna get a bunch of people ragging on other peoples RP attempts (fails) and I think everyone rags on each other enough as it is.

  • When I was just starting out, what feels like a thousand years ago, I saw a discussion on CT about someone trying to do a pilgrimage. I proceeded to argue that we should totally allow them to pilgrimage into Ashtan because what if we offended a God by keeping their follower from visiting?

    Stupid priests.

  • Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • This happened a couple of months ago when Babel returned. I had just recently come back from a long dormancy and hadn't yet gone through the trouble of refreshing my memory about a lot of very important stuff. And then a raven swoops in while I'm hunting to deliver a message from Babel: "Attend Me in My super secret grove, mortal." (I'm paraphrasing.)

    Thing is. I'd never been to this grove. Had no idea where it was. I had a very vague idea of where it might be, but honestly was not sure how to get there. And you don't just ask Babel, the God of Oblivion where stuff is. Someone like Morro should just know.

    But I didn't.

    And so I spent ages (probably like 10 whole minutes) trying to find it. I even asked Mord, and he pointed me to a scroll. But I was so freaked out that I couldn't absorb anything in it. I even messaged Imyrr OOC in a panic. And I still couldn't find the place.

    Eventually, Babel gave up and just summoned me to him. So, what was a hugely important milestone in my RP started out with at least ten solid minutes of me stumbling around trying to find a place I should have already known how to find.

  • I will freely admit I was a partner in crime with @Van for this particular drunken escapade. Dragonknight completed our trio, and it was so worth being executed and chewed out by pretty much every city leader we had. What's a little death and severe disappointment from your peers when you get to drink something extremely rare!

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