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Active Wars/Rivalries

IazIaz Member Posts: 2
edited October 4 in The Matsuhama Arena

Are there any active wars or rivalries going on? What cities tend to engage in group PvP the most right now? That is an aspect of the game I am looking to remaster after a long break and many changes. Seems like things are quiet.


  • KshavatraKshavatra Member Posts: 50

    Ashtan, Hashan, Targossas and Eleusis are fairly active in group fights.

    Mhaldor theoretically is but often doesn't have the population to support offensive actions.

    Hashan was very militarily active over the last irl year but appears to be taking a breather after the Cyrene pseudo war. Mostly fights Eleusis now.

    Targ probably sees the most fighting

    Ashtan is ramping up after a period of weakness, so Ashtan/Targ is probably going to be popping

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