Idea Rating Helper

I used to vote on nearly all the ideas in the idea list, but then navigation became a pain as more and more were added and I didn't really keep up with it.

So, to help get out the vote, I've created this little package to make life a little easier (for mudlet users anyway :))

There is one new command (RATE IDEAS) and a modification to an IG command (IDEA SHOW)

Adds a few little helper links for "Support" and "Censure". You can click these instead of typing the command.

This will show the same links as above along with a "Next" option (if you don't want to vote)
The difference here will be once you vote or click next it will go to the next idea automatically!
If you add the optional "NEW" command it will skip ideas you have already voted on.


  • I see a lot of people asking for people to look at ther idea and support it etc. etc. I'm just going to bump this up since it is useful as fuck and Thaisen was sent from the code gods themselves.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    Yeah this is pretty amazing. Great for those times you're just relaxing and want to browse the ideas. Well done.

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