Hives and harvesting

Is there a way to tell if harvesting one's hive gives the druid lessons to a skill, and is there anyway to know which? Or is it just at an unknown random?


  • Pretty sure there's no bonus message for it. And yeah, it's a random skill. It's also such a minute amount of lessons that oftentimes you won't even know.

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  • As far as I remember from when my character was druid my miniskills would just randomly bump up in a very slow process. Completely random. My estimation, if I was still druid today, I would not have a single miniskill transed.

  • Never tried this, but in theory you can SHOW LESSONS IN (all ya skillz). Harvest hive. Check for differences.

    Very tedious.

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    I remember doing this as a Druid and showing the lessons left in a skill and the bump was only 5 lessons if I remember correctly....AND I think that it had a chance to apply it to any skill, even the ones you've already transed. I could be wrong but I have a vague memory of checking all of my skills hoping that it would apply it to one of the ones that I hadn't already transcended yet.

  • Hives are a remnant from a time when credits weren't common or transferrable to other people. The lesson gain was small but over a period of a couple months you improved your skills a lot. Having miniskills transed back then was EXTREMELY rare. It was very uncommon for people to have avoidance, survival, or vision either. So having those extra resistances and abilities really did make a difference.

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