Help Me Pick This Artefact

I'm just coming back after several years away, and wound up ditching runewarden to go druid. Problem is, I have these credits and am not sure what artie would be best to get. I'm currently Level 88.

What I want: Better/easier/faster bashing, ideally. Don't do enough pvp to warrant anything pvp-oriented.

What I can spend: around 800 credits max

What I currently have:

Lvl 1 Crit pendant

Lvl 2 Health sip

Lvl 2 Bracelet

How you can help: tell me what would be best to maximize my bashing ability here

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    Save some more until you can get the 'SOA' paragon/artifact armour (1000cr).

    Upgrade pendant to lv2 + lv1 con (800cr).

    Upgrade pendant to lv3 (1000cr).

    Probably your top 3 options for bashing, in that order. Unfortunate that Druid can't effectively utilise a shield, especially since it's useful for almost every class, but alas. If you can hold out a bit more to get the paragon, it is absolutely worth it.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend option 3, I'd just go with option 2 if you don't think you can manage the paragon in any sort of timely manner.

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  • Agree with the above. If you can't get the 200cr to go for armor/paragon, the upgrade critical and con will be your best bet. Option 3 is not bad, but definitely inferior to the SoA/lvl 2+lvl1 options.

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