Dragonform or Lesserform?

I was curious about the following: for those who are dragons, how much time do you spend in dragonform versus your lesserform ? (elemental lords count as lesserforms)


  • Also, it looks like its hard to see the options unless you highlight them. :/

  • I got shamed recently because I had literally no code for dragon. Just set up super basic stuff today. I've just never seen the appeal of dragon compared to artied lesser.

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  • I also have nothing for dragon yet.

    I also think we should post a poll in every thread and tag the admin until they fix this ridiculousness.

  • I only use dragonform for rain, tailsweep, or veilglance/deliver. Otherwise I'd rather be in lesser

  • Dragonform only for gare and sailing endurance. That's it.

  • Please either disable polls or fix them. This is silly.

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  • @Tesha sitting here with her possibly animated sig. I remember that was made as a protest against forums rules, seems like you need to push it some more.

  • @Caelan Are you saying that the following isn't a clear way to see the results of the poll?

  • @Iaxus I wonder if its influenced by the fact Greys is relatively unartied, so his damage potential and hunting ability as a dragon far surpasses that as an atavian.

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    When I first started playing and got dragon I was in it almost 24/7 for a RL year or so. I didn't have many arties, and even went without transcendent class skills for a while so dragon filled all those gaps. Gave me health and resistances, pierce the veil to get around before I had wings, track to replace earrings, so on and so forth.

    Nowadays though and for the past few years I prefer to stay lesserformed, I enjoy the flavour of my lesserform classes more than dragon and the ability to express my character through description/pose/clothes.

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    Pretty much only use dragon for me is glance/deliver and the occasions where I can't tank in lesser (which are few).

    The pvp is just weak and need to be able to defend myself without lesserforming and deffing up while getting attacked.

    If you aren't heavily artied though, of course dragon is going to be a lot more useful. Poor man's arties basically.

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    I'm sure @Armali @Atalkez or @Penwize would dispute dragon pvp being weak.

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  • Yeah, even with all my arties I still find dragon more powerful in many PK situations. Anyone saying dragon is weak in PK probably doesn't know much about pk.

  • @Greys Oh I would never say that based o your graphic. It would be silly to complain when you have THAT much info available. Your graphic is far more detailed and I must just be bugged. Or perhaps I am Snowblind? or shroomed up? Is that what the kids still call it on the internets?

  • @Ictinus just curious which option below you prefer?

  • @Greys Obviously anecdotal, but I do think artie level is a pretty good influence on how often people are in dragon, as stated above by others. I'm pretty heavily artied (including artie armour on serp) so it's not much of a gain to go dragon for me.

    Re: Dragon PK, dragon is very good in pk. Just somewhat simple in comparison to other classes, so people mistake that for being bad in pk situations.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

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    @Iaxus I do always hear how much impatience is a sought after affliction by other classes. Really need to up my game for dragon group combat other than yelling at people till they lose the will to live.

  • Dragon group PK:

    Block in the direction your party leader says to block

    Follow group targets

    Breathstream ranged target

    Rend curare/dragoncurse impatience/breathgust

    Bite if they are prone

    Dragonroar after they starburst and you have someone able to do sensitivity

    Leap out if you are targeted

    Use Syc card if you think you're gonna die

    Tailsweep if you have your enemy list sorted AND it's a huge group fight

    If you can follow those instructions you'll be a competent dragon group fighter. There is absolutely no need for any fancy coding or big scripts.

  • Looks to me like you still need aliases at least. I should probably make some

  • Honestly depending on your group you can probably even change curare to kalmia or prefarar, to further supplement lock/damage since they're probably perma paralysed anyway.

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  • My groups have tended to lack hinder so I default to that. Defaulting to locking is cool too. If you want to get really complicated you could have an alias for locking, one for hindering, one for damage, etc.

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