Basic limb counter for mudlet

CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN

So what this does is. tracks limbs it's pretty basic and I basically just made it so that people can have one with the new system. I likely don't have all the lines but seems to work fine for dwc/bm and hitting someone with a warhammer.

Yes I copied Dorn's display from the bm counter Atalkez linked me in the bm section a few months ago.

Everything else I pretty much coded my self.

Does not auto reset limbs after 3 minutes because I could not get it to work.

you will need to add caladcounterreset() to your target alias if you want it to reset when you change targets.


  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN

    So, just noticed the 180 thing in the display I forgot to take it out was spost to count down until limbs reset but since I never got it working it does nothing :D

  • I would have a temp timer assigned to each limb, so if you hit a head that timer starts and resets if you hit it again. Easy to kill the timer when assigned to a variable if you change targets, or remember it if you want to I guess. That would require slightly more effort and not have meaningful returns I imagine.

  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN

    I was trying to set a timer that counted down every 1 second. so I could track how long it would be until that limb reset (Since I like to do complicated stuff like hex prep people to go into weird breaks/lock setups out of boardem) but couldn't get it to work at all :(

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