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How do you set fields in a user window? I was looking at some GUIs and am trying to re-write my own system which doesn't really have any GUI stuff, just a target window, a chat window, and a personal detail window (planned).

If I want to track which limb I'm parrying in a window (or the limb I'm targetting, or just about anything), do I just trigger the line, assign it to a variable, and call the window, with the window itself displaying the variable ? I know I can use GMCP but I don't see any GMCP for targetting or limb parrying.

Or is there a better way? I'd like one that doesn't make a lot of unnecessary calls and whatnot. Would prefer an efficient re-write as that is half the reason I'm currently re-doing stuff. If there's a way to just throw it to the window or that one section of the window, without re-drawing the whole thing every time a value/variable changes, that would be preferred.


  • Screw you guys, Im going home.

    Went w what I knew. Local variables where possible, gmcp elsewhere.

    I still would like to know how to line up rows and columns in windows so it isnt a bunch of \t and spaces but...

  • Actually wouldn't mind some help @Saonji or anyone with messing with json (never have before). I want to pull the data to populate a user window. If you want to, please msg me instead of posting. I just need to know wtf I need

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    local f, s =
    --Open the downloaded json file.
    if f then s = f:read("*l"); io.close(f) end
    --s now has the table in json format.
    local t = yajl.to_value(s)
    --t now has the table in Lua format.

    Now you can access table 't' through normal table means. t.class etc.

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    Lua syntax error:[string "Script: target_data"]:4: unexpected symbol near '�'

    Copied it into a function since I want it called when I change targets, so it updates the target window. Like I said, I never messed with this and hate to bother folks with it but if I have to rewrite the Lua, I figured this would be a fun update shrug.

    It doesn't seem to like the ("*l")

    @Saonji tagged just so you see it.

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