Taste the Rainbow (By Zuko)

Hey everybody!

I decided to make a mini-mini-mini script to spice up my bashing just a bit! 

I call it Taste the Rainbow by Zuko! Thought I would share it for others to use. (( Click me))

Hoping to learn more coding so I can give you guys stuff that is a little more useful. But hey, you have got to start somewhere!

Edit: Changed the name from Rainbow Critical Hits to Taste the Rainbow in honor of skittles. 


  • I was wondering if anyone still uses this. I was, unfortunately the new Mudlet update made it break and I'm not skilled enough to figure out why. Please and thank you.

  • I just installed it on the latest Mudlet and it seems to be working fine, something might be conflicting or it got turned off somehow?

  • This was fixed in 4.11.1 I think, so should be showing up properly again now if you download the patch.

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