Who hates the new walkto? [Nexus]

I saw the mudlet package by @Saonji to address the changes to walkto. I don't have mudlet but I read through the thread and threw together a Nexus package to provide the same functionality as the mudlet package so us 10's of Nexus users don't get left even further behind. I used the same syntax that the mudlet users have plus a couple twists:

dw all - will display a table showing all stored entries. All entries are clickable for pathing and remove.
dw add - will display a list of all denizens in the room that an entry is not stored for.
dw rm (optional: id) - deletes an entry based on the id number.
dwalk (id or string) - paths to an entry based on id. If a name is used it will search for a match: single match, it will path to, if multiple potential matches are found it will present a clickable list of the matches.
dw search (string) - searches all entries
dw area (optional: string) - dw area will display all entries in the current area or for a specific area if entered.
dw create (string) - this will create a custom entry in the entries not tied to a denizen. Useful for marking rooms, or for aggro denizens you can make a landmark at an adjacent safe room. I prepend (Landmark) to all of these entries. This allows you to "dw search landmark" to see your custom points.

GitHub link to download

Hopefully this helps some people out. Let me know if there are any issues/feedback/requests.


  • So one quick note if anyone uses this. When you first import it, you will need to do "dw reload" to get it initialized. I'm not the greatest at documentation.

    I updated the Github version.  I added the ability to import and export your walkto entries to share with other Nexus users (all ten of us). Updating your version will not erase any of the points you already made.

    dw export - will save all of your entries into a text file.
    dw import - will open a dialog for you to select a walkto export file for import.

    The import will no overwrite any of your current entries, or create duplicate entries. Right now it will import all entries from the file, and the export will export all of your entries. If there is enough demand for it I could expand the functionality to allow for selective exporting, based on a dw search, or dw area. This would allow sharing smaller targettted walkto points.

    Anyway, that's all.
  • Really wish path track was client independent, it doesn't work on anything not nexus

  • Still trying to keep up with @Saonji.

    Github updated. Added similar functionality to the new feature on the mudlet package.

    dd toggle This will toggle collection on and off. When collection is on it will passively collect entries for every denizen in every room you enter. The small twist here is if you come across the same denizen in a new room, it will add that room to the entry. Roaming denizens will have an array of rooms that you've seen that particular denizen in.

    dd search (string) Operates the same as dw search. It will show all matches that fit the search string and display a clickable walkto table. Keeping with the twist for roamers, if you click a denizen with multiple possible rooms it will take you to the first room you found it at, and each subsequent click will take you to the next making it easy to path to all of the rooms you've seen that roaming denizen at.

    dd area (string) Displays all entries from a particular area.

    Import/Export functionality works as well.
  • I hope the admins see fit to throw some credits your way for this. Super job. 

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
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