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Hey folks. New to beverages and was unable to get help with the United Union of Crafters. I am trying to design a non-alcoholic hot chocolate beverage. Every beverage has to have a type from one of the following:

absinthe(D)        eggnog(M)       whiskey(D)
ale(F)                 gin(D)              rum(D)
beer(F)               grog(F)            vodka(D)
bourbon(D)        juice(P)            brandy(D)
buttermilk(M)     kawhe(S)         tea(S)
cider(F)              lager(F)           toddy(M)
cocktail(M)         liqueur(D)       vermouth(D)
cognac(D)          mead(F)          port(F)
cordial(P)           milkshake(M)  porter(F)
darkbrew(F)       tequila(D)        stout(F)

(D) = Distilled, (F) = Fermented, (M) = Mixed, (P) = Pressed, (S) = Steeped.

I tried a kawhe given I figured cacao beans getting steeped is close to it, but that was rejected. Feedback was: 

THROUGHOUT: Hot chocolate kawhe doesn't make sense, there is no chocolate kawhe to be served hot or cold, chocolate is chocolate and kawhe is kawhe. This should be clear that it is a mix of hot chocolate and kawhe. 

I guess I could try and specify more clearly that its a kawhe made using cacao beans instead of coffee beans? Any recommendations would be appreciated as I don't want to waste the crafter's guild's time with something that will just be rejected.


  • Hot chocolate milkshake
  • Yeah, was thinking that or a buttermilk. It just feels off and I didn't want to just throw random liquids at the guild. :D Thanks!
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    This is a tricky situation, because you want to make a hot beverage, but the guidelines don't allow for this particular variety of hot brewed beverage. I think it would be worth IDEA add for cocoa, as this seems like an oversight that it was left out. Adding that as an option would then allow a lot of varieties with hot cocoa type beverages.

  • I think your best bet might be to Idea it like Kresslack mentioned, but in the meantime submit a hot mocha kawhe that's made with both kawhe and cocoa beans. Personally, I would totally go for hot chocolate drinks because that's what I prefer irl, and having it ig would be a great character builder.
  • @Kresslack That didn't occur to me, simply as I assume it would take a while and not be a sure thing for the client.
    @Argwin I'll see how that plays with the client. Thanks! 
  • Ok folks, support IDEA 139 if you want to bring hot chocolate into the world!
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I've seen hot chocolate offered by shop vendors in game before in Cyrene, so hopefully it gets added.

  • Update: Making it a kawhe using cacao beans was rejected, trying with buttermilk. 
  • Sounds like you misunderstand what kawhe is and how it works in Achaea.

    Kawhe is a drink made from kawhe beans. Kawhe beans aren't chocolate, and you can't make kawhe from cocoa.

    You can mix kawhe and chocolate together, but it isn't going to be hot chocolate.

    The feedback from the admin that you posted first was pretty clear and they told you what you needed to do to make it work. "This should be clear that it is a mix of hot chocolate and kawhe."

  • @Cooper Yeah I knew that from the start. My client isn't interested in something with kawhe beans so trying to find a workaround.
  • we have chocolate IG.  We have cacao.  How can we not have dried, treated cacao?

    (I dont design shit for this and many other reasons)

  • Well, the buttermilk didn't work. Its pretty clear the crafter's guild isn't going to let me work around through any of the existing liquids to get what my client wants. Hopefully, the IDEA will get implemented!
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