Shipreturn, Boarding Ships, Composing Helps/Journal, Etc.

I understand that the admins don't want people doing these kinds of things mid-combat. That's great. Neither do I. Make us have full health, that's fine. But needing to have absolutely full mana is a huge pain. I always have alertness, skywatch, treewatch, and groundwatch up, and I often have trouble actually getting to full to do these things since my mana is dropping by 4 approximately every 2.5 seconds. If this could be changed to, say, within 20 mana of max, I think that would make it a lot easier on those of us who don't like to sit with no defences up when they aren't in combat.


  • P sure boarding ships has like ~60 mana leeway for this reason.
  • Ah, yep, 66 apparently. All the other things should also be made like this, then!
  • Even getting it within 66 is annoying at times when you have a bunch of defy up >_>
  • Can't you just change your journal/board ship alias to sip mana;write journal page 9 for example? Not a lot of effort required to make sure this doesn't get abused in combat.
  • Explain how exactly this could be abused? The only time mana matters is for getting instakilled if you're below half. I'm not saying let everyone be able to do it at any mana level, honestly, just 20 below max would be fine. What matters for combat is health, so, don't make it like boarding ships in the regard of being 66 health below max. Just the mana. If someone's able to get far enough away from whoever they're fighting that they're at max health and almost max mana, they've essentially escaped. You shouldn't have to make an alias just to start writing a scroll.
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    Mana also matters a lot for anything bleeding-related, aurify, and (although much rarer) mana-locks (in which case though it would also only matter once it got very low). But I think the "must be at full mana" rule was less because "being not at full mana is dangerous", but simply because having low mana can be a symptom of currently being in a fight.

    So or so however, I'd be fine with the mana requirement lowered to 80% or 66% or so. If someone abuses it to get out of combat, issue.
  • Could also just make things take more time if you're not close to full, instead of preventing it entirely. For example, if you're at 90% mana, it takes you ten seconds to enter the editor and any action cancels it.
  • Iocun said:
    Or make throwing eye sigils bring people out of editor-phase!
    Well, that's one way to fill up an empty Mhaldor cwho... fling one at the guard/gatehouses.

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