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Mudlet Rift Checker - Easily tell what you're running out of.

Romaen LondonMember Posts: 25
The title says it all, really. This package contains one alias, "riftcheck", which checks the content of your rift and gives an output like the one below.

If you look at the contents of the script, you'll notice tables for configuring the output of the alias. If you wanted to, you could only check for important minerals (a subset you declare in another table), or remove cactus weed from the herbs table.

Installing is as simple as downloading and importing the package. You shouldn't need to restart Mudlet.

Download link:

Example output:



  • Argwin
    Argwin Member Posts: 75 ✭✭ - Stalwart
    Does it scale to lesser and greater vault rift sizes, or just change color based on the same number regardless? (Frankly either would be really useful)
  • Romaen
    Romaen LondonMember Posts: 25
    It doesn't automatically scale, no. You can, however, change the thresholds to whatever you want them to be.

    See this table in the script:

  • Romaen
    Romaen LondonMember Posts: 25
    Thanks @Zoktos for pointing out that I misspelt delphinium as delphinum. I've updated the dropbox, so it shouldn't be a problem for anybody adding it after I've posted this comment. Otherwise, there's no need to delete and reinstall, just correct the mistake on line 163 of the script.
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