How do I form a clan? Yes stupid question.

Okay so I am having a huge issue right now and I feel like a complete retard because I can't figure out why this syntax isn't working.
So I'm trying to form a clan and FORM CLAN NAMED <name> | <alias> is not working because Nexus is seeing the "|" symbol as a command I am trying to imput however...
I have changed my symbol I use for my separation of commands to ";;". What am I doing wrong here???


  • Did you change the client's command separator? There's the in-game command separator you change using CONFIG and also the Nexus Client command separator you have to change in the Advanced Tab of the Nexus Settings Window.

  • Thank you @Chubbs!!! I feel really stupid now I didn't even know that was an option on the Nexus settings. Now I'll know to keep an eye out for it.  :3
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