Sentinel Axe Hunting

So. I'm using the Axe of Gaian Fury, and I have trans fitness, the endurance ring, and a permanent ox tattoo. Yet, the endurance drain is still incredibly fast. Is there any reason why the endurance drain is so high with handaxe hunting in comparison to thrust with the spear? 


  • Not sure why its a higher drain other than maybe the throw mechanic having additional endurance drain on it, I would have always suggested hunting with spear. The damage is higher even if it hits a bit slower.
  • A Band of Tenacity: 850 Credits
    Artefact power: endurance_regen
    - Level 2 endurance regeneration.
    A Sash of Eternal Battle: 1000 Credits
    Artefact power: reduced_endurance
    - Cuts the endurance cost of almost all endurance-using abilities by 1/3.
    A torpous paragon: 300 Credits
    - Double endurance and willpower regeneration during sleep and meditation.
    A niveous paragon: 700 Credits
    - A portion of incoming damage from denizens will be returned to you as endurance.

    "Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket."
  • Ooooo. Thanks @Mizik The Sash would help alot.
  • Do you frequently run into problems where you don't have enough endurance to do what you want, or are you just annoyed by having less than full endurance?

  • @Cooper Before getting the sash, hunting with the axe would drain me to 0. 
  • Try mind crush hunting, throw in health transmutate and forget about your willpower no matter how many artifacts you get. Throw on eq gem or slinkamite and watch your willpower tick down in record time
  • Stormhammering lesser firestorm elementals.

    All the drain of stormhammer, except you never stop casting it. Ever.
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