Possibly returning! Back to forestal life: druid vs sylvan

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I logged back in to find myself as a cityless tritrans Runewarden — without remembering how or why. I was a sylvan (tsol'aa) before, now tashlar. I am planning on going back to Eleusis, and while I'm not going to make any drastic steps (maybe I will like Runie?), I mostly have sylvanic artefacts and understand that class more. Since it's been a while since I've played, though, I was wondering what the current state of these three classes are (and, honestly, the state of the 'forestal' conflict which is probably one of the reasons I disembarked from the Eleusis train back in the day).


Edit: realizing I did this in the wrong tab and didn't use "Ask a question" -- my b.


  • In regards to the forestall classes. All of the forestall classes are in decently good shape. 1v1 each one of the classes is awesome. In group they are somewhat lacking but still decent. Sentinel is one of the best 1v1 classes currently in my opinion and has a lot of different variations with either damage, afflictions, limb breaking that give it a nice flavor. Druid is also a awesome class 1v1 with its burst damage and limb breaking with reclamation and bees. Sylvan is kinda of the mix between the two, cause you can either go burst damage or can go affs/limb breaking for heartseed but its usually very telegraphed on which path your taking. It mostly really depends on your style of combat. I am not an expert on these classes but just my personal opinion on playing them.

    As for the forest conflict that you speak of. It has gotten a lot better and no where near as bad as it was in the past. Years of not having a Patron and realizing that the toxic attitude needs to be remedied have caused a lot to be changed. Granted there are the more occasional vocal bad apples but overall it has been positive. Even better now that Gaia is back which has given it a breathe of fresh air that has really helped as well. So looking forward to what is in store for the future.  I hope this helps you!
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    welcome back!
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