Jinx and Bashing

Hey all,  I'm loving Shaman, but I read on here that the best way to bash is to curse bleed then jinx double bleed. I can set that up on mudlet and the version of svof that works with serverside curing, etc (I believe the newest one). However, I can't figure out how to get it to work with the dor function. I've tried it a million different ways--it's probably  a simple thing I'm missing, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


  • Not the easiest and cleanest solution and I'm on mobile so I can't do exact syntax, but:

    Make an alias that consists of jinx, your serverside command separator, and then regular curse. For the sake of your sanity, gag the line saying you can't jinx yet.
  • Thank you

  • Not sure whether or not you're using any bashing scripts, but the way I did it:
    Make a variable for your jinx when you have it
    Jinx = 1
    Then when executing your attack make an if then
    If jinx ==1 then send("attack")
    Else send("attack")

    Fairly simple, make sure you make the trigger for jinx jinx = jinx + 1
    If jinx >=1
     in case you want to pvp in the future, some cases you will be able to jinx twice in a row. Any other questions hit me up in game, shaman can be frustrating to set up
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