Priest or Apostate???

I'm a very new player, and having difficulties deciding on what to start. I like the flavor of both classes, leaning towards Apostate, but I think im hunting wrong. I stop every few kills to meditate.   Normally I would ask in game, but I'm on a long flight and don't have access to the game. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • So I won't have to get a melee weapon to supplement?  Or should I anyways?  I'll try the moon tattoo when I land. 
  • I know absolutely nothing about Priest or Apostate, but if they're not meant to use a weapon than using one won't provide any benefit at all. You're always best off using your class skills that work against denizens for hunting.

    (Someone who knows Priest or Apostate, please chime in!)
  • Smite (what you use to hunt as priest) uses a mace.  It is important.  I don't know about apostates.
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