RTrack - Easy GMCP tracking of players, affs, defs, and room items.

Hi all.

I recently scrapped my old mudlet profile in favour of making a new, cleaner one. Naturally, one of the first things I wanted to script up was GMCP tracking.

RTrack tracks your afflictions, defences, players in your room, and items in your room. It does so using simple and effective methods, and it's easy to import to any profile.

The package comes with a config file which contains a bunch of settings you can change. It's called rt config [CONFIGURE HERE], and what each variable does should be detailed well enough by the comments.

The package also comes with a variety of built in echos, all of which are toggleable in the config file. The echos can also be easily customised in the file rt echo [CONFIGURE HERE], if you think they're ugly. (I use them all). Alternatively, you can just turn all of them off.

With the built in echos are loud echos, which fire upon gaining important affs, important defs being stripped etc. This is totally configurable (what counts as an important aff, etc) in rt config.

Options also exist for not tracking certain affs, defs, items, etc - or tracking them, but not echoing them.

All of your affs, your defences, players and items are stored in tables:

(rtr.items.ids exists for numerical ids)

Three functions exist to handle each of the four tracked elements. new, add, and remove.

Each can fire toggleable events, detailed at the bottom of rt config. This makes it easy to integrate RTrack with an existing or new GUI, running functions to update your GUI upon hearing RTrack events fired.

As a little extra feature, the rtr.affprompt()  function provides an affliction tag to add to your prompt, with afflictions vastly coloured by cures, and more important ones capitalised.

Download link:

Screenshots: (the name highlights and the custom prompt are my own)

(Azjopas QQs and drops the book)

(use of the rtr alias, to manually reset afflictions. the built in prompt aff tag is also shown, after the top prompt)

(selfishness, included in the important defence table in rtr config, is loud when stripped and put back up)

(Veldrin strips my insulation defence, and I put it back up)

Download link:

If you face any errors, or have suggestions for extra features or optimisations, please let me know. Additionally, if you need any help with fitting the paka



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