Hello. Just a few quick questions on Druid. Mostly seeing if what I've read in the forums is still correct.

I went Tash'la. Should I prioritize strength? Is eq or bal important?

Is maul the best bashing skill?

What might some good arties be for both PVP and bashing? I'm assuming +strength and con and health sip bonus is always good.

I'll never be a great combatant, but I do like FFAS and 1v1 stuff. How complicated is Druid combat to learn?

Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


  • Balance, for sure. Nimble would be the first major trait I'd take. As Tash'la I'd spec strength, Druid's by no means squishy with staff+chainmail. Maul is significantly better than claw, last I checked the ABs are outdated and say they both have 3.25s balance when claw's is actually 4s. I'll leave artefact/combat questions to others.
  • The effectiveness of maul while hunting seems to improve with learned metamorphosis lessons, so it is important to fully learn the skill. Strength will improve your effectiveness. I found it to be much slower and more fragile than hunting as an Earth elemental, which does not benefit from strength. If you plan to do much hunting after level 80 then I would recommend achieving an elemental form.

    Strength is important for team combat. Hydras can do a lot of damage and support their friends by binding the enemy. It is very easy to play as a Druid in teams and it does not require any investment beyond the lessons for class skills. It is more difficult for 1v1 combat unless you invest in Target Throw in Weaponry and the Axe of the Hunt artifact. With these, you can fight without too much complexity.

    Please feel free to ask more in-character. Eleusis has many combatants who know more than me.
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