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Since returning recently I've been asked a lot for GUI updates and customizations. After review, most people want a minimalist GUI with basic functionality: Chats/Maps
I put this GUI together to use originally for the Tournament of Names. Wanted to make sure I had something clean and fast that didn't interfere with anything else, and I wanted to use a second monitor for some of my windows. This GUI makes use of the updated userwindow functionality to do so.

Whats Included:
3 Userwindows setup with:
  • Chat Windows (Autowrap, shouts, yells, says, tells included)
  • Map Windows (Normal, Ocean, Wilderness) -- Wilderness map is pulled into map window same as ocean map. See GIF below
  • Logger Window (Included by request) -- Includes balance/equilibrium timers and afflictions currently.

Logger Script:
If you want something to show up in the logger:
zgui.sendLog(colorCode, logMessage, timeColor)
Example: zgui.sendLog("gold", "Hi! I'm written in gold! But the time is written in red!", "red")

There is 1 alias in the entire system:
This will refresh and update the GUI.

  • GIF of GUI in use:

  • Download Link:

Sample Images:

Reasons For Using Userwindows:


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