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Class combat questions

KshavatraKshavatra Member Posts: 16
edited September 22 in The Matsuhama Arena
I am an old player but I haven't been active in Achaea for like half a decade. I used to do a bit of PK but not a lot, and there have been a bunch of changes and new classes since then.

I gather from reading the forums and observing the game that 1v1 combat isn't too common these days but I've never really been into the duelling aspect anyway, I've always preferred small skirmish combat. I prefer to be a class with 1v1 capability in case I get jumped and want to turn the tables on the enemy. I will have enough credits for a decent defensive setup, but not enough to fully artie out or invest too much in offensive artefacts, so I'd ideally like classes with low-investment offences.

I'm currently an (unembraced) SnB Runewarden, bashing to dragon. I'm thinking when I get to dragon I'll likely pick up 2 classes, the below are the main ones I'm considering:

This used to be the best class for group combat just because of how much utility and range it has. Doesn't seem like too much has changed in that regards, seems solid for that.
My concern is that I find tekura boring, and I'm not sure how viable shikudo looks for 1v1 without dipping heavily into damage artefacts. Also, can you bypass tekura with a lucrescent nut if you don't want to learn tekura at all? Otherwise this will have to be my first class slot since I don't want to pay the extra lesson cost on an additional skill

My character is Hashani so sublimation is an option. Sublimation looks fun, but I am worried by how useless alchemists used to be in raids. It was like displace attempt on repeat as the only ranged option.

Zeal looks awesome flavour-wise, but does it synergize with the class to open options up or is it still more or less mana pressure until absolve?

I don't think I've experienced new Sentinel, but it looks pretty fun. From the AB files and logs/timing I've found/tested, the kill windows seem pretty tight and easy to avoid, and the class seems full of archaic useless abilities that were barely worth using in 2005 (most of metamorphosis). Not even sure why axes are still a thing now that reflexes are gone, unless it's just for rebounding-bypass prep

My first love as a class, but had nothing to stop people just walking away. Haven't found any changes that indicate this has changed.

I'm looking for any input from experienced people on where my views are wrong in relation to the current state of combat and classes today.

Thanks in advance!


  • ArmaliArmali Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 1,392 @ - Epic Achaean
    SNB RW is really powerful and just fine.
  • KshavatraKshavatra Member Posts: 16
    I guess I wasn't clear on that. I've done Runewarden before and it's not to my liking
  • NaminoNamino Member Posts: 225 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Mfw someone says tekura is boring

    Of the classes listed, sentinel is probably the strongest in 1v1 and priest is rather good as well. Both have roles in group fighting but I think priest edges sentinel in utility there with its stronger move hinder, rights, and utility skills. I don't get into much group combat, but that's my sense. 

    Alchemist is good if you want an incredibly straight forward count the numbers class that you can plug and play but if you get bored easily it may not offer what you want. 


  • KshavatraKshavatra Member Posts: 16
    I'll give tekura a second chance since I have to trans it anyway. Last time I played monk was like 2005. Thanks all for the advice!
  • KshavatraKshavatra Member Posts: 16
    Kshavatra said:
    Also, can you bypass tekura with a lucrescent nut if you don't want to learn tekura at all?

    For anyone that finds this thread in the future: this works. Was able to use a nut to get access to shikudo
  • SaonjiSaonji Member Posts: 509 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Inb4 that gets 'fixed'
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