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  • Skye said:
    What the fuck. I thought I went back in time or something.
    It is a timeloop, back to simpler and happier times.

    I was always a satisfied spectator to these shows, and I'd buy front row tickets to see this lineup in action again.
  • *Cheers erupt as the camera pans backstage to mean gene holding a microphone towards a figures back*

    MG: We are only weeks away from the wrestling event of the year, rasslefest, and no one has more to lose than this. . .

    *a hand quickly comes out of carousel, preceeding the figure’s quick taking away the microphone from Mean Gene.*

    *Slowly raising the microphone as the rapturous applause and chanting of thousands strong, the figure raises his head to show none other than the current number 1 contender for the intercontinental championship: Minifear*

    *The crowds cheering quietens down as a lone lip curl preceeds a deep breath, the slight sound of inhilation audible through the dying audience exubheration.*

    MF: The people of New Orleans... *cheers again erupt as MF pulls his head back and smiles, before giving Gene a sullen look, curiosity overtakes the veteran interviewer’s face, signalling the tilting of MF’s head back* “STILL HAVE NO FEAR!” 

    *the cheering and chanting of “no fear! No fear!” Overtakes the stadium, applause and screams surrounding the smoothie centre, the streets of NO feeling the palpable tension of the moment*.

    MF: But not everyone... Not everyone is as tough as the fearless’ fans... Oh no, Mean gene... I smell the unmistakable TAINT, of an intercontinental CHUMP, that won’t show his face until *MF takes the mic and closes it to his lips* RASSLEFEST! 

    *Jeering begins before MF can finish his call, the audience showing absolute disdain for his opponent.*

    MF: Mathonwar! Too long have you cowered the belt away from where it belongs. Too long, have you bought disrespect to the title of champion. Too long, have you deprived the fearless of their right to see the best fight for dominion in the squared circle... No no no, because Sunday, at the the thunderdome in Denver, you won’t be able to hide... you won’t be able to run, because I spoke with President Tunny... 

    *Audible gasps and murmering can be heard, quickly cut off by the contender’s next words.*

    MF: You thought the president was unreachable? Oh no no no, for you see, I went to find where our glorious leader was hiring. It was an adventure, Mathonwar. A pilgrimage, and I learnt something, that if I can chase down a man on perpetual holiday. . . Then I can beat your ass all over the thunderedome arena...

    *Confusion overtakes Gene’s face, quiet whispers begin to erupt into cheering again, “No Fear” from the crowd.*

    MF: For You see, Mathonwar, Tunny let me make one little change. . . Our match is still scheduled for one fall. . . But it doesn’t matter if I kick your ass in the ring. . . In the stands, backstage *earth-shattering cheers cascade from the fans as they realise what is coming* Hell, I’ll beat your ass on the street, because our match is a no-holds barred, no disqualification match!

    *Colour drains from Mean Gene’s face as the audience manages to tear their ravaging cheers even louder, thundering the stadium and the nearby neighbourhoods*

    MF: For you see Mathonwimp, there ain’t nothing to fear... *MF grabs a nearby glass of dinky tea and shatters it upon his head* But the Minifear itself!

  • Woah woah woah there rookie...  pump your brakes or yer gun hurt yerself.

  • What... what even is this thread?
  • Avare said:
    What... what even is this thread?

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
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