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Hello everyone. New to MUDS and Achaea, but having a lot of fun so far.

I have started a few days ago in city of Mhaldor, which has a really specific "feel" and looks rather restrictive, which I am not sure is perfect for a newbie, to experience different aspects of the game.

Is it frowned upon to change cities as a beginner? I am curious to see how communications/atmosphere is in another cities, before committing to one of them. (Specifically interested in trying out Targossas, I read somewhere on forums they and Mhaldor are more combat oriented ones)
Or is it better to create a new character to try them out?

Also, would your Mentor ideally be from same city/house?

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    1. Mhaldor is restrictive, but it also applies a good framework to develop within. If you the player are okay with the slavery/execution flavor in Mhaldor, it's not a bad place to learn and make a character. As far as it being combat oriented, you're required to engage in defense and the occasional raid, but you're also going to have opportunities to learn how to be useful in those situations.

    2. You can swap cities whenever, there just might be consequences for doing so. If you haven't thrown any money at the game, make an alt or two and poke around before you make a final decision.

    3. City, yes. House, maybe. Some people are really into the mentor concept, some people are in it for the rewards. Pick a mentor who is around when you are and is able to teach you what you want to learn: Don't ask @Stheno for mastering combat, don't ask @Atalkez for tips on faction loyalty, etc.


  • I enjoy Targossas more than Mhaldor, but that's just my personality and what I'm drawn to. Also, I love the imagery of a priest with an angel. 
    I'm not on forums any longer. Hope to meet you in-game!

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