Skipping the Tutorial

Out of curiosity, I was wondering if an option to skip the tutorial had been considered recently. I think other IRE games have had this option in the past, but I imagine it works better for the M.U.D.S with smaller populations. 

I think there are some obvious pros and cons that would come along with this feature, but thought it might warrant an interesting discussion.

Off the top of my head, pros: Easier for current or returning players to jump back in and explore new aspects of the game (Cities, classes, RP). Saves us the time and redundancy of killing pygmies. Potentially redistributes players across the game which is always fun. 

Cons: Fluxes of alts during RP events, trolls, and newbies who think they are ready to skip the tutorial but then find themselves lost and confused 5 minutes later. Maybe an option to return to the tutorial under level 21? 



  • It only takes like ten minutes....
  • Speedup = Makes Tutorial go faster but you still learn about the game and basic commands.
  • @Zhedan Is your desire to skip the tutorial for RP reasons? 

    The tutorial is directly tied to the early tasks system for joining a house. It's the first plotline/story arc for your character that guides you through the world. I'm almost certain it's meant to be generic enough so that you can elaborate or undersell it in your personal background. It's a good exercise to write a short summary of your first few days dealing with the tutorial and the followup tasks to help you get a feel for your character.

    For example:

    "Both my parents are ruinous members of Ashtan, devoted to ushering in a new world of chaos. While out creating rubble from the homes of (insert city name here) citizens, I was stolen and sold into slavery. Thankfully, that only lasted (insert time limit here)." 

    "I don't know who my parents were or my place in the world. Those pymies really did a number on me and when I woke up in my cell, I couldn't remember anything about my past. I think I'm 18, but I'm not entirely sure. I ended up picking the day I woke up as my official birthday."

    Then you can add or take away your emotional involvement in getting revenge against the chieftain, since when you finish the quest it's announced to your city (if you joined one).

    "How dare that miserable pygmy steal me from my ascended purpose! I hastened his enlightenment!"

    "Since I had no memory to go on I tried to talk to the chieftain but he just assaulted me again. I better do something about him."

    Is it because you just don't like it and you're making an alt and hate the wait to get to play, I'm right there with you. Impatient as can be.

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