Why Does Enchanting Suck So Much

So, I'm still sitting here firmly in the "Fuck Enchanting" camp. But someone asked me if I had a Conjuration script. I didn't, but I do have an Augmenation script here.

Because I was bored enough, I fixed it up to also be able to do conjuration items. Just do conj <item> and it'll do its thing.

As per everything else I make, no I do not want feedback. No I do not take requests, unless you're willing to pay me... Something may be wonky, since I changed some of the code to be able to do both Augmentation and Conjuration seamlessly, I suppose I can fix it if there are any errors cropping up. I have neither tradeskill anymore, so I don't know.

Download here. The link should work forever, rather than needing to constantly upload a new link due to the forum's editing time limit.

Have fun. Or not, because fuck enchanting.


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    Actually did spot a bunch of issues. Uh... Redownload it, if you've already downloaded it...
    eta: and one more...forgot to change it to 'creation' rather than enchantment, for conjuration. Fixed!

    Also make sure you have config showqueuealerts turned on.

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