2 simple questions

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1) Do you need to indemnify before a snowball fight? Do you gain infamy from whacking people with snowballs?

2) When you SURVEY FOR MAP, do stockrooms count in that percentage that you haven't seen? I know that they no longer count for explorer rankings. (?)

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  • RyxRyx North of Northreach
    That sounds awesome, though. Kresslack, Sapience's Infamous Snowball Fighter is a great thing to be remembered for.
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    Think for 1) you have to throw it from adjacent for it to count as a 'snowball fight' since that's when it splatters on impact. Throwing in room is just like throwing any ordinary object at someone, which builds infamy. Can't say for sure, never thrown enough for it to actually move my infamy bar if it does, but I'd imagine that's how it is.

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