Artisinal/ Bardic Contests?

Will there be another Artisanal/ Bardic contest sometime? I would love to participate in one, and I remember them being regular, but the wiki implies they haven't been around since 2016! 


  • there was one last year

    the only one since the regulars stopped, but still...
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  • I suppose a bump to this! @Makarios, @Nicola I know that there was a mapmaking one a few months ago- are there any plans in the works to have artisinals/bardics be a more regular thing again, and if so is there anything we can do to support that venture? :smile: 

  • Heck yeah, please make this happen 
  • Yes, do. I sent a submission. 
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  • Will it be themed like the official ones?
  • It will be themed. It'll be a coin toss between a single word or writing prompt.
  • Aw. I miss unthemed Bardics.

    But I'm still looking forward to this, make no mistake.
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  • Maybe in the future I will entertain unthemed, but at the moment I want to keep a smaller scope so I can more easily remove my personal bias to certain subjects from judging.
  • I'm excited! How are you going to announce it @Tahquil? :smile:

  • It'll be written to the public boards if there is no admin contest announced by the 10th. Nothing special.
  • Announce may be delayed a day. Migraine.
  • Post is up. PUBLIC NEWS #20498 
  • Oh. It’s JUST writing. Welp. I feel a bit silly now. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with though.  :)
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