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War System

KresslackKresslack Florida, United StatesMember Posts: 6,683 @@ - Legendary Achaean
Decided to make a new thread to discuss this since it is becoming a bit of a hot topic in the Raves thread. It's in regards to the current War system between city-states, and the seemingly lack of clear conditions of victory or options other than raiding a city relentlessly until they get tired of it enough to want it to stop. Just wanted to offer my thoughts on a potential approach towards this, so the discussion can continue:

I think some day (maybe in 2-5 years) we might see a Warfare system pushed out that allows for more options when it comes to conflicts between city-states, such as occupation of the city-state itself, and potentially nearby allied areas/resources (Ashtan and Petra, Mhaldor and Blackrock, Cyrene and Caer Witrin, etc). I think that Mining, with the use of legions, might have been a precursor to test this, as well as the occupation of Cyrene by the Tsol'teth, to test the waters. Of course, this is all pure speculation and could be 100% wrong.

I don't really see any other way to expand the Warfare system to allow for more clear-cut win conditions other than adding in an option to Conquer or Occupy another city-state/village, and maybe be able to get some reward for doing so while the occupation is active. This could something like a percentage of gold revenue or the commodities. Perhaps even allow for Treasuries and Commodity stores to be ransacked during the initial invasion phase if a city is successfully captured and occupied.

This would add much more potential (and reason) for negotiating terms and conditions to return the city. X launches an invasion and ransackes and occupies Y. Y loses a significant percentage of any monetary and commodity based revenue they would otherwise gain while the occupation is active, which goes to X. The two city-states can negotiate terms, which could include Y paying annual tribute in the form of either gold or commodities (or a combination) for a set amount of years, in return for ceasing hostilities and returning the city.


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