Introducing Myself & Questions

Hi everyone, I am Selaenys (Depthswalker from Targossas). I enjoy bashing, PK and RP.

I'm a new player to Achaea as of this week. I used to play another IRE game but I have decided to switch things up. Everything is foreign to me and I'm not sure where to begin. Firstly, I switched to Mudlet from Cmud. Since I'm not new to IRE, I can't survive without my QOL stuff like a GUI and basic triggers and stuff. I looked through the forums and found SVOF but can't seem to get it to work. Would someone be willing to help me out with this?

Additionally, I'm not sure how to get the chance to meet/talk to people; I don't know a single person who plays Achaea actually. I was wondering if someone was willing to be an informal mentor on everything Achaea, because I'd really like to jump right in and get started. I don't even know what questions to ask yet!

PM or find me in game so we can bump into each other and get the ball rolling.


  • Why not just find an IC, formal mentor? They can teach you about Achaea while also helping you dig into your role. Just ask your city or your house in-game, there's probably a formal mentor system for targ.

    As for svof, there's a clan for it where you can probably get real-time help.
  • I thought it’d be easier to go the OOC route since not all my questions are IC and I don’t know anyone well enough to start an OOC conversation yet. 

    As for the clan, do you know who I can contact for an invite?

  • IG mentor is certainly the way to go. I've not come across a city that doesn't have some kind of ooc help clan too, so that might help.

    Also, look at HELP CURING and CURING ON, it's do all the curing for you, svof just adds this qol items as you mentioned. 

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