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Bulk Humgii feeder

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If you've opened as many globes as I have, you probably have an excess of empty vials that you don't want.  It was for this purpose that I found the need to prepare a very basic bulk humgii feeder script (for mudlet lua), super super simple:
bulkdelete = {

function humgii_feed()
	for i,v in ipairs(bulkdelete) do 
		tempTimer(i*2,[[send("give ]]..v..[[ to humgii")]])

The hard part then becomes preparing the table, which can be done by copying your elist into an external editor like vs code or sublime text, then using the box select tool (control alt shift arrow in vs code) to trim the excess text and add the quotes and commas.

From there, you just put on generosity, call the function and feed the humgii until your junk is gone.

I put in the 2 second interval because I feel guilty about spamming the game with commands too quickly you could probably get away with a shorter interval.
This saved me a lot of copy paste tedium, hopefully it does the same for some of you.


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