GUI System

I am looking for a GUI system and not too particular about how "pretty" it looks.

I'm currently using demonicchat for my chat window but I'm not opposed to something different.

What I want is my chat in the top right with tabbed chats for different channels.
Under that, I'd like to do a Status Bar that's shown in the attached picture.

I'd like to break the black space under that to two different type windows.
If my bashing variable is active I'd like it to show mobs in the room.
If my combat variable is active I'd like it to break into two windows. One will be for allies and one for enemies that's determined by my highlighter variable.

I really just need to the design and the functions to manipulate the windows. The rest I can do I just can't figure out the geyser windows.

Contact me IG if you have any questions and what you'd charge for this.


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