Understand Combat. Basics.

  I recently started playing Achaea. I have zero experience in Mud combat and I was wondering how some of the experienced fighters handle things. 

  Basically, I am trying to understand what goes into being a good fighter besides understanding afflictions and abilities. The more mechanical side I guess. Do good fighters have every action predesignated to an alias? ( Secrete Sumac = ss ). Do you fight with a system that cures everything for you so that you can sort of forget about curing? I don't know how to explain exactly what I am looking for. I am however havng trouble getting the mechanical "edge" of combat. Side note: I am also playing on wireless at the moment, so actions come through sort of "in batches". I am also typing out all of my actions in full...

  Any sort of explaination, or links to posts and articles would be helpful. 



  • In the most part, curing is handled by the server itself which you can check using the CURING command. While there are manual elements to this which you discover as you become more experienced, it will cover a large majority of what you need out of the box. Make sure you converse with someone regarding curing priorities though

    All of us have slightly different ways of handling things from an offensive point of view, but also look into ServerSide queuing. I set Aliases on the server which I can then "Queue" so they fire when I next regain balance (or EQ) and use this to manually do a lot of my attacks. Some people have full automated scripts where they press one button and it does it all for them, but most people are somewhere in between.  As part of this, also look into the command seperator so you can put more than one thing in one alias, such as "order falcon kill Shonchi|battlefury focus speed|overhand Shonchi|engage Shonchi"

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • I'm not aware of anybody who cures manually any more. I don't think there's been any manual curers for about ten years now. It's not really feasible with the rate at which afflictions come, especially when you also want to keep track of your own offense. (The exception would be in retardation, and maybe also aeon, where it's sometimes better to cure manually rather than letting a system do it.) There's a built-in curing system (HELP CURING SYSTEM), though there are some things it doesn't do, so most people who use it also have a client-side system working alongside it to handle things like switching priorities, predicting afflictions the system hasn't recognised, etc.

    In terms of your own attacks, typing everything out is not feasible unless you have an insanely fast typing speed; even then it's not ideal because if you make a mistake you're slowing yourself down, and it's also harder to change your mind on the fly when you have to type out an entirely different command. You can either use aliases (e.g. 'dck' to doublestab with curare and kalmia) or macros/keybindings (e.g. press F1 to doublestab with curare and kalmia). Personally I prefer aliases because I find them more intuitive and easier to remember, but there are plenty of people who use macros. The most important thing is finding a way that works for you.

    If you go with aliases, you want to make them as short as possible (while still being meaningful), and, as Sobriquet said, also make them do as much as possible. In order to doublestab, you need to be wielding your dirk, so your 'dck' alias might actually be WIELD DIRK SHIELD/DOUBLESTAB <target> CURARE KALMIA. You also need to be standing, so it should probably be STAND/WIELD DIRK SHIELD/DOUBLESTAB <target> CURARE KALMIA.
  • Ahhhh! Thank you guys so much. This is the sort of information I was looking for! I had no Idea that you could throw a string of commands onto an alias. I did not know that you could que up aliases and such. I did not know that the server side curing was reliable. I am looking into client side curing as well once I get Mudlet. This seems like common sense after you explained it in detail like that but it was super helpful and very much appreciated.
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