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I decided to make this topic as it seems there is and has been an interest on learning more about event/activity running. I think there are actually many people who like and want to run activities, but perhaps have been discouraged for one reason or another; hopefully this can help you guys out one way or another, and the community benefits from more engaged people/more interesting events as a result.

First off, disclaimer: I am by no means any sort of an expert in the above field(s) and anything I say in this topic is derived from my experiences only. Please do not take it as the be-all and end-all. Having said that, I love planning and organising events more than just about anything in Achaea and I've done it a lot in the last 9 years, so there's bound to be some things that resonate.

I'm breaking these down into separate posts as I've apparently exceeded character limits (whoops) so please be aware that these posts can be quite long. I'm almost certain to have missed out something so fellow event/activity-runners, please feel free to share your thoughts/add in as you notice anything.

I am fully open to discussion on any of these points and welcome private messages as well if you prefer not to have a public discussion. In my view, the more people who want to run activities, the better, and if I can help you out with that I'm all for it. Activity is important for any organisation.

Most importantly, we can have all these guidelines, but sometimes you should just take a deep breath, jump in feet first, and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, you climb back out and try again. If it does, great success! You've got nothing to lose and you'll only get better as you continue.

Note: This thread is not a critique of any events or activities, past or present, in Achaea, and how they have been done. I'd appreciate it if people could refrain from mudslinging in here as I intend for this thread to be a resource, not a performance appraisal. I'm sure we are all more mature than that but I felt it was necessary to mention.
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