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I didn't see a stickied post for this in the general discussions and thought it might serve well in the OOC board.

I remember having played Achaea back maybe a decade or so ago. Then I had joined Cyrene as a Runewarden but managed to only play for about a week or so before getting bogged down by having to write essays about my falcon (I think?) in addition to trying to figure out the healing situation back then; I got turned off shortly after which is a shame although it may also have been a free-time issue too.

I recently wanted to start/continue coding as a hobby and remembered how much coding could be done in MUDs and with MUD clients. I also didn't mind getting back in to roleplaying so I decided to check out MUDswith Mudlet last month and have made my way back here! There have definitely been lots of changes since the first time I ventured in to Sapience. So far I've settled on DW (easy mode? IDK) with Mhaldor and have had some nice RP interactions I hope to continue working towards going forward. I am also working on my background and hope to be able to contribute it to my in-character background in addition to posting it on the RP forums here for critical appraisal. I'm currently reading up on the history to be able to use to help improve this fictional piece.

OOC wise, I'm a resident physician up in Western, MA finishing second year of training. My hours can be pretty hectic so forgive me for that inconsistency. Anyone else up in the area? 



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    I like these types of threads!

    Years ago I played Materia Magicka. Wasn't big into pvp, but they also had ships, and certain parts of the ocean were pk. I was all over that. Now, years later, wanted to pick up another MUD. Nothing else really fits that need ya know? Only kinda game where I really feel like I can be rewarded for being me. But anyways! I heard pirates we're a big deal at one point, and jumped on board! Chose Ashtan cuz I read it had the biggest port or some shit, and haven't lived in another city so I can't really compare it to anything. 

    OOC I live in Central mass, working as a mechanic. Nothing fancy to report. When I'm not working I....play achaea basically. (No life comments, come on down!)
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    I think I posted somewhere else on forums about how I started playing, but I'll repeat. I never heard of MUDs til about a year ago, when a kid (15 or 16?) on a Discord server for another game said he was excited about Starmourn coming out. I tried Achaea, and have been hooked ever since. It's everything I'd ever want in a game. 

    I'm a stay-at-home mom in Louisiana, so my play time is of course extremely limited. And I often think I could spend my free time on better things than staring at a computer, such as playing outside with my kiddos. No offense, everyone! So I am pretty sure that there will come a day when I say, "that's enough," and stop playing. I did take a few months off once, but I couldn't help myself, and I came back. :P 
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    I started playing back in 2000. I was over at a friend's house and he was playing HellMOO. I didn't really like it so he went to TMC and just tried the first result, which coincidentally was Achaea. We argued over whether imp was a word or an acronym. I was right. Went home and started playing, got to level 27 and then quit playing for a while. Some time later, I created Jover. Joined the warlocks, got to level 40ish.

     Played him for a good while and met Itome. It was pretty meta, but I created Jonathin to be her kid. Ended up in Shallam, stole a bunch of crystals, and then quit him.. In high school I came back, created Mosr and the rest is history. That is, until I officially quit playing. Now I just lurk the forums on occasion  

    My site will remain up, but will not be maintained. The repository will continue to have scripts added to it if I decide to play another game. Maybe I'll see you around in Starmourn!
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    Got introduced by a friend freshman year.
    Made a character, said wtf is this, quit after 10 minutes.
    Got bored over the summer and made a Hashani who I played off and on. Two years ago during the summer I made Aralaya as an alt to the Hashani, and now the Hashani no longer exists.

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
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    Started playing back in 2012. I was Abdas Lichlord, wow how things have changed since then. Anyway I just got released from prison and just to pass time. Thought I would check out Achaea again. I'm currently like how the newbie introduction is going :+1:   
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    I first got introduced to Achaea by a friend when I was only 14 years old (so probably 2007ish). They had me join Ashtan as a Serpent and honestly, all I really remembered then was how to emote smooches. :# It was such a weird learning curve and I didn't understand so I quit. I came back a few times with a couple new characters after getting emails from Iron Realms, but I didn't start really playing until I made Xae about 7 years ago. 

    I'm a claim representative for a student loan company, so please don't hate me! I'm also a full time artist on the side :D
    I'll probably be shifting over to Starmourn, seeya there!
    discord: aciidwire#5240
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    @Jonathin I'm also happy to see you have my super old artwork as your forum pic!
    I'll probably be shifting over to Starmourn, seeya there!
    discord: aciidwire#5240
    Please check out my new art page!

  • DreddeDredde Member Posts: 21

    I have been in and out of newbieship here for a long time, and I think it is about time I became a proper citizen of Sapience. I will be picking your brain now and again, if I cannot find the information in-game.

    A little about me:

    I live and work in Japan, as grade 1/2 school teacher. Lover of horror, metal and of course...gaming. Recently quit WoW, and now playing Achaea and God of War on my PS4. I LOVE pizza and a bit too partial to whisky. That is about it. 

    I look forward to getting to know more of you.

  • PyoriPyori Member Posts: 2,124 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Dredde said:

    Are you gonna aim to become a judge in-game?

  • DreddeDredde Member Posts: 21
    Pyori said:
    Dredde said:

    Are you gonna aim to become a judge in-game?
    Oh, my soul is much too conflicted for such things.

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    Back in the 90’s I used to hang around DALnet RPG chats. I heard about this new revolutionary game called “Achaea” from someone there and started playing when they released the game.

    Its crazy to think back to those times then log into Holstein now days and see how far not only IRE has taken the game, but how far clients have come. Went from telnet in a command prompt to paying for a zMUD liscense to get basic alias, trigger and macro support to Mudlet which is free and limits you by only your imagination.
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  • ExelethrilExelethril Member Posts: 3,360 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    You'd be amazed at what games look like these days vs the 90s  :neutral:

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

    [ Runewarden Sparring Videos | Link ]
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