Refugees of Shallam, how are you coping?



  • I can't think of many plausible IC reasons for Team Good and Team Green to really have an issue in the foreseeable future, barring Eleusis getting in bed with Occultists or the *shallamese getting really stupid about logging for the new city. Neither of these things is in those organizations best interests and is against their long-established organizational characters.In other words, we'd have to go out of our way to provoke one another, and it would be entirely OOC motives twisting IC motivations.

    Now, were Eleusis/Oakstone to get really militant about absolutely everyone following Oakstone laws, or Good to really, really push hard on the hunting of innocents (with an even stricter definition on that front), or some event forcing the forestal/alchemist conflict to occur, that might be different. But as things stand, it's just not in either side's established interests to go out of their way pissing the other off. The forestals and the devout, while not natural allies, don't have a lot of differences.
  • To be fair, the Jedi wouldn't fight with the Sith if the Sith wasn't trying to kill them all the time.

    A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
    The reason the Jedi was wiped out by Palpatine was because they forgot how to be Jedi due to the war, they lost their path.

    And a movie with a Jedi Investigator ala Inspector Columbo would be awesome.

  • You know, I figured the Jedi lost because of the army of clones.
  • I thought it was the mechanisms of a deranged, brilliant, galaxy-conquering psychopath.

    And his army of clones.
  • Tvistor said:
    You know, I figured the Jedi lost because of the army of clones.
    By the time Palpatine set the clones on them, the majority had already lost their way, their bushido if you will. Some Jedi like Yoda or Obi-Wan hadn't (There was a ton more which you hunt down in some games like The Force Unleashed) so they managed to survive long into the Rebellion Era.

    The entire purpose of the war was mostly the corruption of the Jedi and to put himself on the throne. With all that foresight of his it's amazing he died in the way he did.

  • He'd foreseen Luke could destroy him, so he set about weakening Luke and then recruiting or killing him. He didn't foresee -how- Luke would destroy him.
  • Technically speaking Vader actually killed the last of the Sith, thus fulfilling the original prophecy about him being the Chosen One.

    Err, Shallam is slightly less interesting than this, I'm sorry.
  • That depends entirely on your interpretation of 'Sith', though. Doesn't include (for example) the One Sith, or Palpatine's multifarious apprentice candidates.

    I'm waiting for an admin to come along, make a super-nerdy Star Wars comment, then close the thread. Please don't do that admins, this just got interesting.
  • I think you people missed Bluji's point:/
  • To be perfectly honest, I probably would have found a movie about the life of a moisture farmer in the Star Wars universe perfectly interesting.

    But yeah, we get his point.

    Counterpoint: If you go to war with Eleusis you will fight so many artie monks it is depressing.
  • Artied occultists, artied monks, same deal.
  • HaldonHaldon I forgot...
    I am waiting ever so impatiently for the new iteration of shallam. But may I ask a favor? Please please please for the love of all that is good and fine do not use New Hope as the name of the city. Using 'Funky Town' as the name would be preferable to 'New Hope'. Mostly because when I read it I always add an 'A' in front. It was a stupid movie name and is an even worse name for your city. Please I beg of you not to place this blight upon Achaea. Please!

    Oh did I say please? Please don't do eet! This is the best I can do at begging. [-O<
    Arguing with a zealot is only slightly easier than tunneling through a mountain with your forehead.
  • So there's going to be a cloud city called New Hope?
  • With our new afk spot being the intersection of Alderan boulevard and Endor way.

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    [spoiler] 'Lord Templar, there's a priest of indeterminate Order at the gates.' 'Indeterminate Order? What makes you say that?' 'Well, he looks Hashani but his Order is no Moon.'

    Spoilered until I can think of a better joke.
  • That was not the moderating I was looking for.
  • The force is strong within Deucora. Much they will bring, I foresee.

    In the end meaning, im sure they will guide this all through.
  • Man, I really hope the blademasters get a house with knight classes.
  • Aina said:
    Man, I really hope the blademasters get a house with knight classes.
    it seems rather likely given the decrees about the new houses not being carbon com pies of the old. Blademasters are the most likely non-knights to be in that sort of house, and a knight house that accepted only paladins and runewardens would have difficulty not being the Templar.

  • Blademaster knights, please no.

    The Wardens seem to have no problem not being the Templars, and they accept those two classes. Also the Templars did accept blademasters at some point, because there's at least one who was grandfathered in when they stopped.

                   Honourable, knight eternal,

                                            Darkly evil, cruel infernal.

                                                                     Necromanctic to the core,

                                                                                             Dance with death forever more.

  • I know that they did at one point, or else we wouldn't have had a BM knight. Though, if I remember correctly, there were once quite a few more classes accepted into the Templars before the one class per house per city change.

    And I'm not taking a stance on whether or not they should be allowed to be 'knights', but I really hope that whatever comes out of this will live up to it's promise of not being all the Shallam houses 2.0. Everything that's been said divine-side seems to indicate that the new houses will be entirely different, and I feel like that probably makes the existence of a house with the same class and, for the most part person, composition as the Templars, as regardless of how they would be rebranded they would likely come out very similar.

  • I'm sure the leaders of the coming houses will have a say in what classes they accept.
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    *shallam Jesters should have suicidebirds instead of suicidemice.

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