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Dredmor of Achaea - Dungeons of Dredmor mod (download inside)

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Q: Wtf is Dungeons of Dredmor / Dredmor of Achaea?
A: Dungeons of Dredmor is a rogue-type dungeon crawler. It's like $5 bucks on Steam and it supports mods. Thus, I'm modding in Achaea skills.

Q: That sounds stupid. What skills have you done so far?
A: Tarot and Occultism.
Priestess - Hangedman - Meteor - Fool - Sun - Lovers - Hermit - Death
Warp - Bodywarp - Eldrichmist - Enervate - Astralform - Simulacrum - Chaosrays - Transmogrify

Most of the skills have been "tweaked" from their Achaea counterparts to make sense in a single-player rogue-type. If you open spellDB.XML inside the mod folder with something like Notepad++, you'll see what all of the skills actually do.

Feedback is highly appreciated  :) Balancing, ideas, etc.

Q: How do I install this?
A: Acquire a copy of Dungeons of Dredmor, then drop the Achaea.zip inside >My Documents>Gaslamp Games>DoD>mods. It could also be >Steam/steamapps/common/DoD/mods. Create a 'mods' folder if there isn't one.

Q: Okay, its installed. Wtf do I do?
A: You can pick up to 7 skills. Occultism and Tarot are mostly magic-power based (warp and chaosrays damage, priestess card heals, etc). So I would recommend picking up some other mage skills = Bloodmage, Wands, Alchemy, etc. Its a rogue-type, read a guide and die a lot.

Q: This actually only kind of half-sucks. When will you add more skills?
A: I'll be tweaking stuff based on feedback, but I want to do Serpent stuff next - snipe, backstab, pickpocket, etc! Its all very possible in this game. Then I'll do Monks, and Priests, and Apostates, and....oh, sorry, I'm not answering the question. When will I add more skills? Soon™.

Download Link (G. Drive)



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    Things to do:

    • Change skill icon for Enervate. I mean I'm a p handsome guy but it doesn't fit.
    • Completely revamp artwork for Death tarot, its just Tenebrous Rift spell from Necronomiconomics skill tree triggered to throw impact. I do want to keep Death tarot as an OP AoE, so I'll think of how to tweak Chaosrays so you can't spam death / chaosrays all over the place.
    • Add 'blank cards' that you can find or buy from vendor that will be used in Tarot crafting recipes.
    • Add an Occie pet somewhere - the problem here is that you are limited to 8 abilities per skill tree, and I don't want to make an entire skill tree for Domination, because 8 pets simultaneously would be ridiculous in this game. What I could do if  I added Domination is make it so that each minion offers different benefits, and you can only summon 1 at a time. But thats a effload of sprites to make.
    • I definitely want to do Serpent class next - Subterfuge and Venoms. Hypnosis as a skill tree would be silly, so I could just add a single Hypnosis skill to the Subterfuge tree, and make give a handful of random afflictions to mobs on a timer.
    • Will definitely include Dstab and Backstab - best way to go about this would be adding a Phase ability, then giving the player 100% chance of critical hit while phased (since attacks would un-phase you) - then a cooldown on Phase.
    • I'm brainstorming the best way to include venoms - you can't poison weapons in this game, so what I can do is make potions with venom names, and when you drink them, your next attack will give an affliction (paralysis, sleep, etc).
    • Summonable pet snake will definitely be there :)
    • After Serpent class, I'm thinking Priest next - the only hurdle is doing the artwork for a summonable Angel 'pet', since its a sprite-based game.
    • Sentinels could also make it in as well - I'm thinking that their starting skill could be a returning handaxe (so you'd want to put points into Throwing Weaponry skill tree if taking Sentinel), before you start unlocking animal morphs. Traps are a part of this game, so it wouldn't be hard to do Woodlore type stuff either.
    • Apostate could be done, maybe at the same time as Priest - I'm thinking Evileyes abilities that scale with Sight Radius stat. For example, 'deadeyes bleed' would do a 5-turn 'bleed' damage that scaled with your Sight Radius + magic power.

    Feedback / ideas super appreciated.

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    i will play the hell out of this
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
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    Subterfuge skills are mostly done, just having difficulty with Backstab - it procs on every hit whether or not you're phased. Will figure this out and release in a couple days.

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    Does it matter what version it is? I seen a 2.49 and a 1.49 at 50% off. I'll try it for a 1.50 if that's the case :D
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    FYI just so I have 3 posts
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