what is involved with managing and supplementing serverside curing?

  • Clicky stuff to help adjust prios out of combat (affs and defs)
  • Retardation cure set, a normal cure set, ability to switch between them and any other sets quickly
  • GMCP aff tracking so that informed minor adjustments to prios can be made during combat
  • Ability to make those minor adjustments/swaps
  • Display what adjustments have been made at any given time
  • Illusion protection 
  • Hidden aff management
  • Gags/subs as SS is quite spammy
What else, may I ask?

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    This thread http://forums.achaea.com/discussion/2174/serverside-curing-theory covers basically everything you need to know.

    I will say you're probably overthinking it, though. You don't need very elaborate illusion protection if you actually let serverside handle the bulk of your stuff. Almost everything you'll need you'll run into by just going out there and sparring.


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