Priest HEALING skill

is there any way to integrate the priest HEALING skillset into the server-side CURING system? I couldn't find anything on here about it. I dont want to have to write an entire system when curing works pretty well, but I also don't want to have an entire skillset unusable to me.


  • If you use svof and mudlet, it takes care of it.  Otherwise it will need coding time on your part.  Not too bad though.  I imagine it could be as simple as: keep track of affs gained.  If off eat balance, then use healing skill that you need.  If on eat balance, do nothing. 
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  • Yep, Svof has full support for it and can even mix healing with normal curing - so you don't have to have it fully skilled. You can also use normal curing and use healing to speed up the curing, so you stay on top of your affs without losing too much mana.
  • Honestly, unless you're bashing heavy aff mobs and want to use it for that, you'll never want to use healing outside of specific situations. You can setup something to heal asthma when you get locked, for example, or to heal various affs you might have when you're shielding or flying or trying to run away. But it's easiest imo to just put those in the shield, fly, run aliases.

    Healing conflicts with priest offense in PvP so it's not something you use frequently.
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