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2017 In Review And 2018 - A Teaser!

NicolaNicola Administrator Posts: 838 Achaean staff
2017 was another crazy year (I'm starting to notice a pattern here...) with a whole host of additions and changes seen throughout. Two new team members joined the staff, Ictinus our lead builder, and Ronwe a new coder to the crew!

The beginning of 2017 saw the introduction of Resolutions and mementoes, a system for monthly tasks and rewards to be chosen and worked on at your leisure!

April saw a brief stint where everyone inexplicably forgot how to speak the common tongue, dividing the world into racial and cultural groups.

Introducing the cursed Margam and her captain Horald and his crew, forays made their first appearance in Achaea. These mini dungeons offer hunting, mechanical, and puzzling challenges to the intrepid groups who dare undertake them!

As we prepared for the 750 Championship Games (congratulations to Tesha!) and Achaea's 20th birthday, we also released a staves addition to the Monk class, Shikudo!

Twilight and Vastar both returned their Divine attentions to Achaea, each causing much consternation and joy!

A long awaited addition to the forestal faction (Vivify) placed Eleusis on a more even footing with those who would harm nature.

Mayaween saw Achaea forced to celebrate the near nuptials of the Chaos Plane's crone queen Hecate and her kidnapped groom Haldoran. But alas, this autumn romance was not to be.

And as we reached the end of the year the rippling effects of Agatheis' demise were felt as war between the Elemental planes heated up. Consequences spread across Creation, and were felt especially upon Achaea as Pazuzu's release was secured, the oceans turned to blood, the World Tree was carved open, creating a pathway between various new worlds, Maklak's 100 years prison term was served, the Elemental Embassy upon Yggdrasil was smashed, and then rebuilt earning Achaeans access to the Elemental planes and the possibility of earning one of four Elemental Lord class/race combinations!

Alongside all of this new stuff, we continued working on the balance and quality of Achaea: a whole host of classlead changes, the fluid system overhaul, a renovation of the Artefact shops and help files, and an alteration to the talisman setup allowing us to offer these more freely and fluidly across various aspects of Achaea!

It has been a big year and there's a whole host of new worlds to explore as we stare down the barrel of 2018.

But we're not sitting on our laurels. Here's a teaser of what's to come in the next 12 months!

The release of Delosian Eagles content will happen as will the completion of the Underworld! These two projects were on the table for 2017, but we still plan to get these done and 2018 is going to be their year.

Our dedication to the quality of life in Achaea will be maintained as classlead rounds continue, we will be looking at some of the older questing areas in order to update these, and we'll be working to make sure that our newbie experience is robust, engaging, and expanded.

The itinerant bazaar will return, along with the other usual yearly suspects and we have some ideas up our sleeves in order to help you celebrate next Logosmas in style!

We'll also be exploring some new avenues for conflict generation, and we'll be unveiling some exciting lore that supports some of Achaea's major antagonists!

There's a lot more that we can't reveal right now, but you'll definitely want to be here!


  • MinifieMinifie Member Posts: 2,965 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Aegoth said:
    Nicola said:
     we'll be unveiling some exciting lore that supports some of Achaea's major antagonists!

    Yay, I get my own lore!
    Nah bby you a holotagonist.
  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,463 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    But what about the kobolds?
  • AziikAziik Member Posts: 85 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    It's always astounding the steps the development team takes to bring further life into Achaea. 

  • SynbiosSynbios Member Posts: 4,630 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Tahquil said:
    But what about the kobolds?
    Don't worry, Blizzard got you covered, fam:

  • AesgarAesgar Member Posts: 450 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    I think the newbie experience needs some help atm so I look forward to seeing the revamp. Hopefully we can get retention back up!

    Thank you development team for all that you do!
  • TorinnTorinn Member Posts: 1,335 @ - Epic Achaean
    A lot of that impetus is on the Houses too.  I just wish changes (and cool stuff) didn't take so long to do!
    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
  • PuxiPuxi Member Posts: 625 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Torinn said:
    A lot of that impetus is on the Houses too.  I just wish changes (and cool stuff) didn't take so long to do!
    Have you given feedback on the process and your ideas to fix it? I'm sure they would be open to change if it fits their standards.
  • TorinnTorinn Member Posts: 1,335 @ - Epic Achaean
    True, but haven't gotten feedback about the initial changes yet sadly.
    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
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