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Mudlet 3.7.0: colour triggers fixed, default profiles can be deleted

VadimusesVadimuses Posts: 1,091Member @ - Epic Achaean
Surprise release! Consider this a Christmas present. We found an important bug with the colour triggers and we've fixed it promptly for you, plus added a ton of other goodies!

Read all about it: https://www.mudlet.org/2017/12/mudlet-3-7-0-colour-triggers-fixed-default-profiles-can-be-deleted

As you can see, Mudlet is a team effort, a collaboration of many people. Looking to learn something new for Christmas? Join in, everyone is welcome to help make playing MUDs more awesome!


  • ShubShub Posts: 56Member ✭✭ - Stalwart
    3.6 updated itself to 3.7 without my intervention, very cool
  • VadimusesVadimuses Posts: 1,091Member @ - Epic Achaean
    Yeah, nice, I put a lot of work into that. Should work just like your browser stays up to date.
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