[Mudlet] Forged Wares Stat Comparison

So I took the time to run around and grab what I believe to be the default stats of forged items assuming no stat boosts. If you find any default forged stats within this to be off please let me know if you can confirm different numbers. So what this does is compare the default stats to the stats of items showing in wares and displays them in a way that allows you easily determine which stats have been boosted if any.

Like so:

It will also show if a stat is below the default. This only seems to be possible if a weapon uses the "training" descriptor.

This works for both weapons and armour. If you need to adjust default values you can navigate to the triggers, find the item you'd like to change the defaults for, and then swap out the values for something you prefer.

Doing forgedwares or forged wares will bring up this clickable menu to change which items will show stat boosts.

And finally you can set which one's you want to turn on/off by default (Login) by going into scripts and finding the "Forged Wares Default (Login) Options" script and changing them to true/false as you desire.



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