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Saddest moment



  • CaelanCaelan Posts: 1,110Member ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Szanthax said:
    When I came back from dormancy and I'd been removed from order and Aegis was dormant... And so was Hermes. I'd been so dormant he'd come and gone before I came back
    That probably pissed me off more than most.  

    @Batista, @Nicia, and I tried like hell to keep the Order going since we had authority from @Aegis to induct.  We built the Order *even with a dormant God* and one day the admin showed up and just removed everyone we added, then disappeared.  That pretty much pushed me to dormancy because Shallam was shit, the Sentinels and Eleusis were still "distant" so the Order was where I focused my attention.  Just said 'fuck it' and went dormant for 5 RL years.

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