Rift: what if?

Inspired by @Kiah, @Caelan, and a few other people, I bring you a 'What if?' scenario.

Let me state clearly, I do NOT see this happening.

Still, what I want to know is, how gamechanging would this be? Not very, you say? Maybe. Still, if you're going to reply in this thread, you are meant to reply with what you'd do if this were so:

One day, you log into Achaea as you usually do, and are told that all of your rift contents have fallen into your inventory upon login. They've made a major change to rifts, and you now have two: one for liquids, which is unchanged. One for everything else, but instead of being able to INR 2500* riftable, you now have 250k items' worth of riftspace.

Sure, you can stuff it up with 250k potash or red ink - but then you won't have room for anything else in there!

In general, what do you do? Stock your rift according to a strategy of what you think you use most? ISSUE ME I'm cancelling my Iron Elite if you don't change rifts back! ?

I know not everyone here is going to have mature reactions, despite many admissions of our 'aging playerbase.' Go for it; might be funny!

*default max rift cap. I know, not for everything. Don't you HELP RIFT me, Mister; I submitted a typo for that scroll more recently than you think, doncha know!
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